Adoption Poem

A girl's mother dies and she is raised by her mother's two sisters.

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© Angela E. Finley-Caligone

Published: Feb 2006

A Mother's Love

In Feb.1960 there was a mother who adopted a baby girl.
Four years later the mother passed away and went home to Glory.
It was as if the little girl was standing in a big field,
all alone until two mothers appeared,
one on her left and one on her right.
They took her home by the hands and gave her a special place in their hearts.
Through the years she received a double dose of her mother,
love and understanding and a double dose of what family was supposed to be.
They chose to do this because of their love for their oldest sister whom had just died. The growing stages for the three developed a strong bond.
They told her wonderful stories about her mother as they shared their hearts of memories with her.
Their families accepted this little girl as one of their own.
The tears flow because I had three mothers and today I have none.
They are all in heaven now.
Because of their families I have not been left alone.
The little baby girl grew up to know what family love was all about,
as A Mother's Love Continues.
A.Finley 10/99


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