Pregnancy Poems

Pregnancy is the privilege of experiencing God's miracles on earth. "In my flesh I see the mark of God". Nowhere is this more apparent than in the experience of a pregnancy. Science has made it possible to witness the baby's growth on a sonogram. Once you see that, there's no turning back. Watching and feeling this little miracle grow inside you, knowing that one day you will hold this child in your hands is one of the greatest gifts that can be experienced.

Poems about Pregnancy

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A Boy Or A Girl
By Regina M. Linn
At first you moved,
only a little.
I could always find you,
right in the middle.

As time went on,
you really started to grow.
It wasn't a whole lot,
in fact, it was rather ..........
Votes: 507,  Rating: 4.64 , 2 Stories
My Sweet Little Baby
By Cheri-Ann Leon
Current mood: determined

Natalie, my sweet little baby
I love you with all my life.
To feel you move inside of me
Lets me know what beautiful wonders life really does bring
One ..........
Votes: 14,  Rating: 4.43
Poem About Wanting To Conceive, Follow The Yellow Brick Road
By Sheri
I trot along the yellow brick road
In search for something I need
Passing the lion, Tin man and the Scarecrow
But not interest in any of these three

Iím off to seek something ..........
Votes: 7,  Rating: 4.43
Tiny Baby
By Danielle Bramlett
Tiny movements like tiny kicks
Tiny baby, a motherís bliss
Canít wait to give the tiny you
Huge hugs and lots of kisses too

What tiny dreams you might have now?
I would understand ..........
Votes: 35,  Rating: 4.4
A Note To My Son
By Dacia Lockwood
Time is moving slowly,
The day is almost here.

The anxiety and joy is building up,
For my baby boy will soon appear.

I can't wait to see your smiling face,
And hold your ..........
Votes: 218,  Rating: 4.36 , 3 Stories
Teenage Pregnancy, Bravest Of Us All
The bulging belly tells a story
Her naked hand is a cause for shame
She is scared
And alone
Fornicators look at her
And laugh
Three fingers point back
She thinks her ..........
Votes: 143,  Rating: 4.35 , 10 Stories
On My Way
By Adrien
I Know You Canít See Me
Iím Tucked Away
Close To Christmas Is
My Arrival Day
Each One of You Play
A Special Role
Youíll Guide and Love Me
A Hand to Hold
God Said Iím A ..........
Votes: 74,  Rating: 4.28
How Did I Let This Happen?
By Elizabeth
How did I let this happen?
What happened?
This can not be?
Not me?
How I may be 13 but I am not stupid I know how!
I didn't know what was happening.
It was like 2 seconds ..........
Votes: 96,  Rating: 4.16 , 8 Stories
I Love You, Baby
By Stephanie E. Layton
When I found out you were coming,
It took me by surprise.
It took me time to realize
I'll have a son by my side.

People said well, your too young,
you don't know what youíre ..........
Votes: 71,  Rating: 4.15 , 3 Stories
Wonders Of Pregnancy
Two weekends ago I discovered that I am pregnant,
two blue stripes beacon to change my world forever;
a simple prelude to the infinitely complex phenomenon of life.
My eyes smile at me in ..........
Votes: 64,  Rating: 4.13
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