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Poetry about babies are some of the most popular poems that are written. There is something about interacting with a baby that ignites something magical in all of us. They stare at us with inquisitive eyes curious about everything that is happening in their world. We look into their eyes and we remember a time before we were sure we had seen everything meaningful in life. They are us in miniature. We look at their tiny features and their chubby little bodies and we can't help but smile. Interacting with a baby can be truly miraculous.

Poems about Birth - Baby Girl Poems, Baby Boy Poems

Poems by Parents, Brothers and Sisters about Babies

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Poem By Mom To Baby Boy, My Little Man
By Brittany
My little boy is growing
Getting bigger every day
I fear it won't be long enough
Before I have to say
Goodbye my little man
How much you have grown
I still remember
When I ..........
Votes: 8,  Rating: 4.63
Daddy's Little Angel
By Jason A. Hodges
When you were born you filled my heart with pride,
And I was overcome by the joy I felt inside.
As I held you in my arms that very first day,
I knew I would never let any harm come your ..........
Votes: 666,  Rating: 4.6 , 5 Stories
Love Poem From A Baby to Parents, Little Bed
By Ben Mitchell
Here I lie safe in my little bed
My small hands tucked under my head
I sleep so content in my growing love
Knowing that my parents are standing above
watching out for me so that I can ..........
Votes: 27,  Rating: 4.59
Gift From Above, Thank You God
By Shirley J. Stankiewicz
Sent straight from heaven up above
Came an angel for me to love
To hold and rock and kiss good night
To wrap my arms around real tight

To cuddle and nurture and watch him play
To ..........
Votes: 709,  Rating: 4.56 , 4 Stories
Grandfather Poem To Daughter About New Baby, Thank You Daughter
By Robert Mayfield
Thank you daughter for the gift you gave to me
A happier grandfather there never will be

This beautiful little girl, so tiny, so small
Brought joy to my life, smiles to us all.

I ..........
Votes: 162,  Rating: 4.55 , 1 Story
Love Poem From Mother To Baby, I Love You
By Umanga Wijesena
I love your brown eyes
I love your button nose
I love your messy morning hair
and your teeny, tiny toes
I love your big bright smile
and your little pearly whites
I love your pointy ..........
Votes: 22,  Rating: 4.5
Beautiful Poem To Unborn Baby, From Daddy
By Kieran Dockerty
When you feel a hand rest upon your Mum,
And you hear the sound of a low deep hum,
I hope you know, and to yourself think gladly,
This touch and voice is of my Daddy.

It's still early ..........
Votes: 83,  Rating: 4.49 , 2 Stories
Missing Dad Poem From Baby, Daddy If You Hear Me
By Julie
It's dark in here as I swim around in my mommy's womb
I don't have eyes to see yet, but I can feel
I can tell my mommy loves me, she tells me everyday
I feel her cold hands warm up, as she ..........
Votes: 218,  Rating: 4.46 , 3 Stories
A Lullaby, Sweet Dreams
By Kimberly L. Brennan-Smith
Sweet dreams my darling, the day is done.
The moon is here to say goodnight to the sun.

Gather your blankets and climb into bed.
Close your eyes and lay down your head.

Rest for ..........
Votes: 236,  Rating: 4.37 , 2 Stories
New Baby Boy Poem, Goodnight Sweet Baby
By Laura
We give you a bath and dress you all snug,
We read you a book and give a kiss and a hug.
We smile as we bid you a sweet goodnight,
We blow you a kiss and we turn out the ..........
Votes: 96,  Rating: 4.35 , 1 Story
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