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Nothing brings more joy to a family than the birth of a child. The new parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all filled with joy and excitement at the thought of welcoming the newest member of their family to the world. The first little smile, the first tears shed, and the first baby laugh will surely capture the hearts of each family member and create the most beautiful and unforgettable memories for the baby's parents. Childbirth is not without its challenges, but it is surely one of life's most rewarding events.

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Poem About A Newborn
  • By Jim Mullen
  • Published: February 2006
Baby Girl - A Father's Perspective

Who would have thought,
to my surprise,
The day I looked in my daughter's eyes,
That I would find my sunshine, ...

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What? No comments? This is amazing, I actually teared up, I have a little girl due any day now and this poem makes me even more excited to be a father.


Baby's Point Of View In Future
  • By Karyn Marcinowski
  • Published: December 2007
A Look Into The Future

Someday, I'll stand beside you, holding your hand, to let go of a life filled with love, and though you will be gone, I'll always have the memories we've made together, Daddy...

Someday, I'll hold out my own child to you, and ask, "Would you like to hold your grandchild, Daddy?" knowing that my children will forever be safe in your arms, just as I was in yours so long ago, Daddy...

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This is a great poem when I was 12 my dad died on his birthday of a heart attack and this poem made me cry because I miss him so much

Poem From A Father On The Birth Of His Son
  • By Joyce Baron Kerr
  • Published: March 2011
An Ode To Ethan

Today it happened,
it's finally done,
the birth of my boy,
the little man, my son.

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I have 3 little nephews and I love them to death I would do anything in this world to show how much I care. If anything ever happens to them I would break down and cry just to see one of them...

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Poem From Mother About Birth Of Son
  • By Lamanda K. Strong
  • Published: February 2006
Happy Birthday

Did I ever tell you about the day you were born?
When laid in my arms was such an angelic form
With soft black hair, little fingers and toes
The cutest of ears and a kiss on your nose...

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I'm a son in this case. I really feel like my mom was the one telling me this. You just... wake up something in me. I love this poem. Thank you for giving me these precious words.

Journey Of A Premature Baby Poem
  • By Jaimie
  • Published: October 2007
My Hero

I go into the hospital
to make sure you're growing and strong,
The Doctor says, "This isn't right,...

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My 5 month old son was a full term but only weighed 4 lbs 11oz. I didn't know if he was going to live. He has club feet and is going for surgery on the 15th, so I know how it feels.

  • By Cindy Hawkins
  • Published: June 2009
Can't Wait To Be Your Mommy!

So I am sitting here thinking of the perfect words to say,
to tell you how I feel about the arrival of your birthday.

I am feeling a little nervous, with hopes I do everything right,...

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Poem To Unborn Child
  • By Toni
  • Published: August 2009
Everything And Nothing

There you are inside me, Jarek, you're on your way,
I'm more and more excited and scared every day.
Everything is so different and changed,
Life as I've known it - all rearranged....

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I needed a little poem to send to my niece who is expecting her first child and these words were so lovely and appropriate, it actually brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful!.... thank you

  • By Nicole Seymour
  • Published: April 2011
A Mother's Promise


I promise to always love you in whoever you decide to be
I promise to be there for you, whenever you need me
I promise to not pass judgment without first hearing you out
I promise to be in your life from day one and to learn what you're about...

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  • By Kent L. Bijou
  • Published: February 2006
The Beginning

She looks at me with half closed eyes,
As if to pierce my soul.
The sounds she makes are strong and firm
For one just moments old...

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This poem has touched me . I am 19 years young and am a new mommy as of Dec. 6th 8:25 pm. :) I can't wait for the many memories my daughter is going to give me through out the many years...

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The Day My Daughter Entered This World
My Angel

In the wee hours of morn,
A miracle took place when my daughter was born

With coal black hair and rosy cheeks and eyes that sparkled blue.

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