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One does not have to do anything to become a grandfather. It simply happens when your child has a child. It is up to you to decide how involved you will be in your grandchild's life. There is an inherent biological relationship but the emotional bonding between grandfather and grandchild comes only with effort. It happens when the grandchild sees that you are open to forming a relationship. It happens when you get off your easy chair and make the effort to see what matters to your grandchild.

Poems about Grandpa

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Death Of A Grandfather, Together Yet Apart
Its got harder and harder
since the day you went away
but still people keep telling me
everything shall be okay

I know deep inside
that itís better up there
but we're not ..........
Votes: 305,  Rating: 4.54 , 16 Stories
My Last Visit
By Alexis Abraham
It's time,
to say goodbye.
I'm so upset,
my mouth has gone dry.

Slowly I bend over,
and give you a kiss.
your blue eyes filled with sadness,
the time I spent together I will ..........
Votes: 213,  Rating: 4.49 , 13 Stories
The Way We Were Our Bond
Beautiful blue eyes with serenity of the sea,
Reflection of the skyís on a bright and sunny day,
My little hand in yours, my protector and my guide,
Donít walk too fast granddad for I am by ..........
Votes: 148,  Rating: 4.49 , 5 Stories
My Granddaddy, My Best Friend
By Lauren E. Garner
The one that is my friend,
The one that is my guide.
How much I love, and how much I care,
Is too much to describe.

You've always been my hero.
You've always been me ..........
Votes: 489,  Rating: 4.48 , 11 Stories
Just Like Him
He taught me how to build a fire;
he gave me hope and desire.

He taught me how to build a chair;
he told me that life wasnít fair.

He watched every basketball game
and ..........
Votes: 59,  Rating: 4.47
Death Of Grandpa
I didnít know you very well,
But I knew you were pop.
I really miss you every now and then.
And I will never stop.

I wonder how life would be,
If you were still hear.
If we ..........
Votes: 44,  Rating: 4.45 , 1 Story
Memories Last A Lifetime
I wish you were here, but now you are gone.
When times got tough, it was hard to carry on.
I think of your jokes, laughs and smiles.
I can remember when you and I used to ride for miles. ..........
Votes: 47,  Rating: 4.4 , 1 Story
Grandfather's Death, I Miss You
By Laura. B
Everyday I wonder why,
That you were taken high up to the sky,
And I didn't get a chance to say goodbye,
I'm sorry.

There are so many things I want to say,
That every night I sit ..........
Votes: 220,  Rating: 4.38 , 15 Stories
Grandpa Is Dead
The smile on your face is a lasting memory in our hearts,
Nothing in this world not even life or death can keep us apart,
You have always been the one we go to for advise,
Whenever we are ..........
Votes: 136,  Rating: 4.34 , 4 Stories
Treasure Remembered
By James M. Carr
For all the stories that were never to be told,
Back to a time when I was a boy so long ago,
I knew a man whose kindness touched the hearts of many,
And he would often be the first to lend ..........
Votes: 88,  Rating: 4.3 , 1 Story
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