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"Home is the place when you go there, they have to take you in." In western society, most people move away from their family of origin. In spite of this fact, it is good to know that the home of your youth is still there. It is nice to know that our parents are still living there, and that your bedroom is just as you left it. This provides a certain of stability as you struggle to build your own house and home. Eventually it is likely that your parents will sell the family home and begin their retirement years. You may feel that that the home that you have established has fully become your real home.

Poetry about Home

Poems about Family Tradition, Values and Culture

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Appreciate Loved Ones While They're Here Poem, A Rainbow's Beginning
By Laurie Tuttell
“The phone’s for you,” I heard a voice say,
Why is my heart hurting?

“Your momma is gone”
“did she say where she was going”?
Your not saying……..no,
she ..........
Votes: 54,  Rating: 4.43 , 2 Stories
I Am From, The Hands Of God.
I am from the love of my family.
I am from my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and my grandfather.

I am from sweet baked cakes, homemade cornbread, and all the smells of the world.
I am from ..........
Votes: 60,  Rating: 4.37
Weekend In Cuero
By Leland Parker
Drivin' around to the back of the house,
Gettin' out, walkin' in, almost unannounced…

The TV's are on and so are Mother's beans,
Cornbread's in the oven with Daddy's greens…

They ..........
Votes: 24,  Rating: 4.25 , 2 Stories
Memories Of Grandma And Grandpa Poem, Home Away From Home
By Terry Wheeler
I remember when we were little kids and
would stay at grandma and grandpa's
house all night.

We would get scolded when we talked in
bed until once again the room would
grow ..........
Votes: 125,  Rating: 4.13
At The End Of The Rainbow
By Kathy Lesley
After a terrible rainstorm
In the sky, I saw a rainbow.
All the bright. beautiful colors made me feel so warm
As they dipped down so low.

I thought back to that legend of ..........
Votes: 27,  Rating: 4.07
Advice For Life Poem, Little One
By Audrea Harvey
This is a letter to you to prepare you for life.
You have a beautiful mommy & a hard working daddy.
A few aunts ready to spoil you rotten & a grandma & grandpa that are ready for their first ..........
Votes: 22,  Rating: 4.05
In Memory Of My Mother
By Ann Wallace
A sweltering, stewing August afternoon as a fan blows hot stale air,
You taste the sweat on your lip, gritty with salt
and it makes you thirsty for change.

Bored, standing almost ..........
Votes: 14,  Rating: 3.93
About My Family
By Betty Jean Henderson-McQuarters-Young

God gave me a family on Earth,
This family is just what you see,
Dysfunctional as any Family could ever be.
You Know, Families aren't meant to be perfect, just available, loving ..........
Votes: 87,  Rating: 3.83
Granny's House
By Nancy M. Ybarra
~Granny's House~
Granny, Mom and all the Aunts siting on old wooden chairs with pans of peas.
Shelling, sharing the days news, singing Church hymns or blue grass songs as the children play ..........
Votes: 14,  Rating: 3.79
By Tonia
Each morning I awake,
And always I am glad,
so gladness I ought not fake,
for there's no reason to be sad,
as far as I'm at home.

Each term when I return,
my joy I can't ..........
Votes: 34,  Rating: 3.74
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