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Grandchildren are said to be all play and no work. Send em' home when they get cranky, is how the saying goes. However, grandparent's should not miss out on the opportunity presented to them. They are not expected to discipline their grandchildren and this opens up an avenue for a different kind of relationship. Grandchildren often rely on their grandparents when thing are tense at home. Parents often rely on their parents to help raise their children in this confusing and complex world. Grandparents would do well not to squander the opportunity given to them.

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Grandfather Loves His Two Granddaughters, Two Sweethearts
God said, "I have something special for you,
I thought I would send one, but I just sent two."

Grandaughters they be, and it's really nice.
God thought to bless Grandpa twice.
Votes: 118,  Rating: 4.52
The Perfect Little Girl

When God was making Madison
He thought “what can I do”
To create a perfect little girl
To make a grandma’s dream come true

He started with cute and ..........
Votes: 269,  Rating: 4.48 , 1 Story
Grandpa's Little Silly
He was always there for her right from the very start,
This precious little girl captured his heart,
Though they shared no blood and skin color wasn't the same,
little Eme knew him ..........
Votes: 143,  Rating: 4.48 , 1 Story
My Special Penny
My Granddaughter gave me a penny,
And it means the world to me.
For it is a constant reminder,
Of the love she has for me.

She chose me to have her penny,
That meant so much to ..........
Votes: 37,  Rating: 4.43
By Earline Brasher
Sometimes I really do wonder,
Why they are called grand?
Then I know A Loving Grandmother,
Can always fully understand.
You get that important phone call,
You have waited for so ..........
Votes: 187,  Rating: 4.4 , 1 Story
Two Grandsons
By Carol C. Yates
Two grandsons different as could be
Put a glow in the hearts of granddad and me,
Hurricane Isabel came and threatened us
but in these two boys we put our trust
one stayed by his ..........
Votes: 33,  Rating: 4.18 , 1 Story
Jessica Poem
By Dianne Green
J is for jewel, thought of highly
E is for energetic, cheerful and smiley
S is for stunning, simply the best
S is for special, no comparison to the rest
I is for ideal, you outshine the ..........
Votes: 65,  Rating: 4.17
My Grandpa
By Amberlyn K. Hoffman

When my sister, Sasha and I were younger,
Grandpa was who we fought over.

By us, he would get tickled,
as we all laughed and giggled.

I even tried to scare him by ..........
Votes: 33,  Rating: 4.09
Ode To Our Grandson
H is for Harvey, happy and smiling, and made out of love.

A is for Angel, bestowed from above.

R is for Rascal with twinkling eyes, and a grin full of fun.

V is for Vulnerable so ..........
Votes: 15,  Rating: 4.07
Grandson Of Ours Poem, Gage
By Sandra Downey

G is for gorgeous, grandson of ours.
A is for angel, here in our hour.
G is for gentle, deliberately kind.
E is for exceptional, a rare find.

L is for loving, sweet and ..........
Votes: 52,  Rating: 3.98
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