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Stop Teenage Pregnancy

This is a poem about teenage pregnancy and the importance of talking to your children.

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My name is Kami, I am 17 years old. I am 6 and half months pregnant. From …

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© Katelin

Published: Nov 2007


What is love?
How can you tell?
Common questions at age twelve
By age thirteen if the questions aren't answered
The mistake will be made to give the innocence away.
Then the thirteen year old has a child on the way.
How can she stop this when she is a mom and no one is there telling her it's wrong


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  • by Kami, Texas
  • 1/15/2014

My name is Kami, I am 17 years old. I am 6 and half months pregnant. From the day we found out that I was pregnant we were excited. We never once considered abortion or adoption for the baby's father and I are strongly against abortion. We knew we wanted to keep the baby because it was ours. I am a senior in high school. My due is in April and I graduate in May. I have family and friends who are going to help after the baby gets here so I can walk across the stage. I am engaged to the baby's father and I could never be happier. We are having a baby boy and I can't wait to meet him. Not all Teen pregnancies are horrible. I'm a proud teen mother to be and I won't let anyone talk bad about my child or teen pregnancies unless the mother doesn't deserve the child.


  • by Sierra,California
  • Mar 2012

I got pregnant at the age of 13..she is perfect but so much to handle at my age..now I'm 14 and don't have a clue in the world how to take care of this angel who I don't deserve one bit. I considered adoption but once I saw her little face I knew she was mine and I wanted it to stay that way. I get to have a life with her which was unexpected in many ways but as long as I love her and raise her correctly then she will grow up to be smart and not make the mistakes I did...I'm not saying all teen moms should keep their babies..cause that is purely their decision. because this is my story. They need to write their own.. but thank you for writing this. I am sorry to all the girls that have gone through or are going through the same thing!!! You are strong and you should never forget that <3 All of my love - Sierra


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