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© Stormy Lower

Published: Jun 2007


When they were little, they scribbled -
As for the colors, they didn't care
Their fists held tight around the crayons;
Circles and lines were everywhere

Through time, their talents surfaced
And true artists they have becomeā€¦
Shapes and colors now have meaning,
It's not like when they were one

They have learned to stay within the lines;
To cut and paste and glue
Art of cheerios and macaroni -
A true masterpiece, who knew?

Time and effort glue each piece,
No reason, nor thought of waste
Cautiously, the work evolves;
Little fingers stuck with glitter paste

And for a moment, time stands still
Sweet child creating what we hold dear -
A pure and priceless work of art,
For which we know we will never part


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