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For 18 years I have thought of the little girl I gave birth to. Recently we found each other and are now on our way to a wonderful relationship. I wrote this poem for her on her 18th birthday

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© Brandi Burnette

Published on September 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

18 years ago was the first time that we met
I held you in my arms so tight as I gently wept
I'll never forget the day that you were born
I've held onto those memories for so long..
All that hair
how your big beautiful eyes glowed
the sweet scent of baby
oh, I never wanted to let you go..
For two whole days you were mine
I held you so close and never let you leave my side.
I would whisper in your ear
how much I loved you
and how I would always be near.
Those memories were with me always
but even more so on your birthdays.
December 2nd, the hardest day of the year
I imagined you wearing a beautiful little birthday dress
and flowers tucked behind your ear.
A big birthday cake
A huge bouquet of balloons and streamers too
I always hoped that the day had been wonderful for you.
Even though these were happy thoughts about your special day
the loss and heartache I felt never ever went away.
The day of December 2nd always ended the same way for me
whispering "Happy Birthday baby girl" as I cried myself to sleep.
Today's your birthday once more..
It's been 18 years, the times seem to have gone by so slow
But the past three months have changed my whole life
My dreams of finding you have finally come to light.
It all happened so fast, so much to take in
All this time the dividing line between us was so thin.
You were right across town
we probably crossed paths more than a few times..
that single bright star that I wished on
probably at some time caught your eye.
So here we are now, our family puzzle complete
I'm so happy that you and your brothers and sisters were finally able to meet.
I know it seems we haven't had much time to spend together, one on one
but our journey, I feel, has only begun.
Today is December 2nd but it's different from the rest..
We all love you so much that words cant express.
I'm so proud of you and what you've become..
A beautiful young lady whose smile shows happiness and love.
My eyes still get wet from memories of the past
but today my hope for the future made them fade fast.
This morning I was able to whisper again..
Happy Birthday my baby girl..
Happy birthday Kelsie Lyn

I love you!

Brandi Burnette


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