Mother Daughter Poem


A poem about the mother-daughter bond.

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© Kristina M. Calla

February 2006

My Mother

I'm thankful for my mother
for always standing by my side.
For letting me cry on her shoulder,
and for being my greatest guide.

For teaching me my numbers,
and my A.B.C's.
Also for my manners,
like saying thank you and please.

For teaching me about boys,
and what they used girls for.
And also about puberty,
and what I had in store.

For always being creative,
Always thinking of something new.
Like creating a sock-puppet play
when we kids had nothing to do.

To her it didn't matter
what the circumstance.
She was always right there by me,
to help me and hold my hand.

Without my mother around,
life wouldn't be the same.
I am the happiest girl I know
And my mother is to blame.


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