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I wrote this poem in 2001 as a Christmas gift to my birth son. I am blessed as we have an open adoption where I can see him a couple times a year and watch him grow. It warms my heart knowing that even 10 years down the road, I still know I did the right thing for him. He's loved so much and very well taken care of, I know from the smile he wears. I dedicate this poem to My Birth Son Carter, Love always, Sheila.

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© Sheila T. Battaglia

Published: Dec 2009

A Birth Mothers Promise

I promise from the first moment I knew you were there,
I would care for you with all my heart,
With our short time together we had to share.

I promise that I will provide you with all that is needed,
This means: Unconditional love, care, honesty, & prayer.

I promise when I made my final decision,
I knew what I had to do for you was right,
When our Lord blessed me with a mother's intuition.

I promise to pray that one day you will understand,
It is because I love you so much,
That I placed you in your new loving parents' hands.

I promise to watch over and love you for all of eternity,
And always remember that it's because of Jesus,
We are given this opportunity.


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