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To my one and only son whom I love more deeply then he realizes.

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Oh my goodness, it's as if this poem was written just for me. I just …

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Published: May 2008

A Teenage Boy

Having a son to carry on the family name
Was something to be proud of
Bust since he became a teen, nothing has remained the same
He has changed, thinking he knows all
I still love him with all my heart, but not his mouth
He wants to argue and talk back every chance he gets
Since he became a teen his life has gone south
Getting in trouble when the urge hits him
He's 15, not a little boy, definitely not yet a man
Have asked for advice, have tried several different things
He loves to try me when dad's not around, because he thinks that he can
Please Lord, hear my plea, I need assistance right away
We clash and we fight
Please Lord, I beg of you to step in and help him see
That the way he treats me just ain't right
Help him to grow up and to respect
Hold me back from causing him any harm
Give me patience, guidance, and wisdom
To direct him on the right path
And once more hold him in my arms
Let me remember when he was born he brought me great joy
And remind me to praise him when he does do good
For no longer is he my little boy
But a teen who claims he's so misunderstood


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Liz, England
  • Oct 2010

Oh my goodness, it's as if this poem was written just for me. I just happened to come across it by accident but it's as if I was meant to see it. I'm so glad I did.


  • by neil
  • Feb 2009

thank you... I am a teenager who always argue with my father...
But when I read this poem, I was touched..,
now I know the hard feeling of my father. how he thinks how to handle this problem... I will now change my attitude towards my father...

Again, I want to thank you a lot.


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