Moving On Poem after Death

I lost a few loved ones and I just want everyone to know that one day we will be heaven with them again. I know it's sad now but in time God will help you thru it.

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Friendship And Love : ---- Friendship is the feeling of care but love is …

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© Sara Manis

Published: Mar 2011

Angels In The Stars

God saw I was getting tired
as he put his arms around me
as he whispered come with me

There is a place for you in heaven
where there is no suffering and no pain
all you have to do is look up to the sky
and know that you will see me

As I am an angel in the stars
what a great place to be
I am an angel of God and a
sparkle I shall be

Know that I'm watching over you
just look up and see
I'm looking watching over you
please don't be sad for me

I'm your angel in the stars
where I am happy now
you will see and one day
you will be with me


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  • by Rama Durai,Mumbai
  • Aug 2011

Friendship And Love : ----
Friendship is the feeling of care but love is feeling of warmth of the heart.
In friendship you want to give the best to your friend but in love you give the best to your lover.
There can be friendship without love but there can not be any love without friendship.
In love you smile without reasons.
Love brings laughter from the depth of your heart and absorbs all your worries.
Friendship with love is a fragrance which makes you feel sitting in heavens.
Love with friendship is an echo that takes you in beautiful time of youth and makes your life worth living...


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