Death Of Lover Poem

Death Of A Boyfriend

The pain of losing a lover is not soon forgotten. The pain lingers, and is felt throughout the day, yet we do not seek to let go of this pain, for within it lies the memory of the one who has passed. This is my poem. I lost my boyfriend just over a month ago now. =]

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I know I wasn't there when you were taking you're last breath. I miss you badly. You are always my love and always will be. No one can take you place. I will never forget you, Sweetheart!...

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A Kiss, A Hug, A Smile

© MissyouAngel

Published on October 2007

What keeps me sane is knowing I have memories of us,
the pictures captured a glimpse,
but my heart captured everything like a film recorder.

I pray for you
I sit and ask myself why

why couldn't I of been there?
Why wasn't I there you help you?

You are loved. You are missed.
Reach down and take my hand.
Take me to heaven with you.

When I think of you my eyes rain
I don't like to think you were in that much pain
there were no clouds such a wonderful day
if only you kept on shining

You gave me love
and touched my life
it's all over now
you no longer have to fight

when I see those pictures of you smiling
I remember the things that you were hiding
you didn't have to turn away
we all wanted you to stay

if only you could talk
you usually didn't have no fear
when I knew what you were doing
I knew that I would stand by you
and help you through

I look up the stars at night
to see which one is shining bright
I wish I could see your smile
I would travel those extra miles

can't get you out of my mind
and it's supposed to get easier in time
I love You, I miss You, I wish you were here
losing you was my greatest fear

I love you Matt.



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  • by Ananya
  • 1 month ago

I know I wasn't there when you were taking you're last breath. I miss you badly. You are always my love and always will be. No one can take you place. I will never forget you, Sweetheart!
Love, Mit

  • by Shelle Dare
  • 6 months ago

Byron, it has been almost 4 years since God called you home. I truly miss you and cannot have anyone take your place. You were my all in all. I'm waiting 'til we meet again.
Love you always,

  • by Jemalyn Turingan
  • 10 months ago

I lost my boyfriend Chito more than a month ago due to Leukemia. We've been together for 7 years and planning to get married after two years. I stayed with him until his burial day. No words can tell how I was feeling that day. But God has a purpose for everything. I know he is living now with God where there is no pain, suffering and death. He will always be my one and only.

  • by Kristy Danner
  • 10 months ago

I lost my boyfriend almost a year ago to suicide. He was a soldier struggling with PTSD. He was due to come home a few days later. I hadn't seen him in a year, though we talked every day. When I first heard, I felt guilty, like why didn't I know how badly it was affecting him. Why wasn't I there with him. I still think of him every day. Another month will be one year since I lost him. And though life has moved me on, I will never stop loving or missing him. He truly was my hero.

  • by Libby
  • 8 years ago

I lost my best friend James I am 10 years old and my bestest friend in the whole universe was 10 too. he died due to cancer in his right leg , he was diagnosed in 2007 and soon after had his right leg amputed. It was his funeral today so I went to pay my last respects to my shining ray of sunshine, I will remember you as a star that never fades away, our love shall never end. God bless and good night my fighter a true gladiator xxxx love you Libby xxxx

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