Sister Death Poem

Death Of Sister Poem

For my sister Sandra. She passed away July 29th 2007 at the tender age of 30. A beautiful girl who equaled as my best friend. Love you always Sandra xxxxxxx Grace

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I just lost my sister 11/18/2014 it's been the hardest thing I ever felt. I can not go on the pain is so bad. She was my best friend a wonderful mother. I miss her so much I can not be around …

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© Grace Bourke

Published: Mar 2008

Our Hearts Are Broken Forever

Sandra our hearts are broken forever,
People tell us that in time the pieces will eventually come back together,
If this is true, though hard to believe now, there will always be a space,
The piece to which has your name on its place.
Tears have been falling now for so long,
When we think of your beautiful face it all seems so wrong
You had so much to look forward to and so much left to do
But God needed somebody in heaven who is as special as you.
Nothing is the same now and we doubt it ever will be
You have been released from pain and suffering, you have been set free.
Your story has touched people, all ages, near and afar
On the night you were taken from us, in the sky was a lone twinkling star.
Was that you to tell us that you had reached home now?
And from life as we knew it, it was time for you to take your final bow.
We miss your voice, your infectious laugh and hearing you sing.
Fashion you loved and now you have new accessories a pair of Angel's wings.
The world has lost a wonderful girl, a true and amazing friend.
But maybe her goodness was needed to help and from heaven she needed to send.
Sandra you are always around us, engulfing us with your love
Giving us strength, keeping us close and watching over us from above.


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  • by Lansdale Pa
  • 12/8/2014

I just lost my sister 11/18/2014 it's been the hardest thing I ever felt. I can not go on the pain is so bad. She was my best friend a wonderful mother. I miss her so much I can not be around her kids without falling apart it's so hard to hold myself together let alone keep her kids together we are all a big mess. Your poem is beautiful just hope the pain will go away.


  • by Anggie
  • 5/9/2014

This poem has truly touched me. I lost my older sister at the age of 33 in 2009 and her name was Sandra. This is such a beautiful poem. My sister has been gone almost 5 yrs. now and it's still hard to cope with daily. I love you sis and missing you like crazy. R.I.P. my angel


  • by Cindy Hoeffel
  • 4/12/2014

My sister Nancy died last night. We were very close and talked everyday around 10 times a day. I am so sick over this and I just can't cope. I just don't know what to do. She just stopped breathing. What do I do?


  • by Jfort
  • 1/10/2014

I lost my oldest sister December 26, 2013 from a heart attack it hurts so bad I will never get over this feeling of empty, depression, broken pain. This is the worst in my life I pray that she watches over me and helps me cope with her being gone. I love you my tee tee my butterfly in the sky.


  • by Jeni, California
  • Nov 2013

My beautiful sister Tricia died a little over 6 months ago, on April 27th, 2013. She was only 41, and died of a brain tumor. Tricia was the most exceptional person I have ever known. She had a lot of hardships in her life, even before the tumor, and always dealt with them with such grace. She deserved so much more than what life dealt her, and that is why I know God took her home early. She communicates with me in funny ways...perfect dew drops on a leaf, a hummingbird dancing right in front of me, the sun streaming through a window on my face, doing something or saying something stupid and immediately hearing her laugh at me. I treasure these moments, just don't know when they are going to come. Have faith, you will all see your sisters again. I will sign off as Tricia always did..LLAD...or love, love, angel, dove.


  • by Tsumeb, Namibia
  • Sep 2013

I lost my sister on 08 December 2012, her name was Sandra, at the age of 42, so hard, when I read your poem, everything is so her. I found myself weeping. I miss her but want to let her go. Thanks a lot for this beautiful poem.


  • by Susan, London
  • Jun 2013

This poem has hit me in more ways than I least expected. I lost two of my sister in four years my elder sister died instantly in a motor accident at the age of 28 and left behind a son. My younger sister died of cancer at the age of 13, this has left a big hole in my heart. The pain has never gone away. I miss them both dearly as I do not have a sister to confide in.


  • by Charlotte Edwards
  • May 2013

My sister died on the 5/5/2013. She died of a serious illness cancer & all I can say is that I love her & she will always be remembered & never forgotten. I'm 13 years old & she was 20 & just starting to live her life! We all believe dying isn't fair not just to my sister to everyone person but god picked then because they are special R.I.P Carly-ann Luck!<3


  • by Lydia, New York
  • Oct 2012

Today, October 31st is the 17th anniversary of the passing of my little sister Cindy. She died at the tender age of 16. We had just celebrated her sweet 16. She died of a brain aneurism. I am not a poet and came across this poem. It hit me right in the heart. It was exactly what I was looking for to explain what I was feeling. I re-posted it on Facebook to share with all my family who were also hurting. Thank you very much!!!!


  • by Pam
  • Aug 2012

I think I am so so angry at myself and everyone around me, because of my sister passing, after battling with cancer for eight years. More so my father did not came to her funeral, one of my brothers did not come, they have their citizenship here but did not come. My oldest sister couldn't come because she couldn't get a visa, I don't even think she tried for one. my family thinks and do things very differently from me. I cannot forgive them for this, you know the sad part of this, they don't see what they did was wrong. My sister begged to see my father her last days, but saboo and andrew did not bring him. Sins and shame on them. Why now, why now they want to be nicey nicey to the children when they did not full fill my sister's desire. It would have cost daddy nothing, because we would have paid the passage and keep him for a little bit.


  • by Pam, NY
  • Jul 2012

I have 2 older sister I am the youngest, my second sister passed July 18th 2012. I don't know how to cope. I am so angry I am scared. I know I will not see her again but cannot face reality. Today I came back to work since and I promise myself to change. I want to be half my sister and half myself, part of her will be me and this may make me feel better. I am willing to try this approach first.


  • by Nikki, Indiana
  • Jul 2012

I just lost my big sister this morning due to cancer. When I got the news, I just broke. These words will comfort me through the days & nights to come. She was the type of person who would encourage me to reach for the best. We bonded through so much such as her having kids, me having pity parties, the woman with the issue of blood, relationships, pregnancy scares, suicide attempts, the choir, and life in general. She was a TRUE woman of God whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for the past eleven years. May her memory gone on living forever.


  • by Grace Bourke
  • Jul 2012

For those of you who feel as though you cant take it anymore and you're grief is overwhelming you, I would say to you, to hold on. It has been five years since Sandra passed away and this year has seen me turn a corner in dealing with it. I have been able to overcome any trivial and material things that surrounded everything. Instead of feeling guilty for smiling and being happy, I have decided to live my life the way Sandra would have lived the rest of hers and the way she would have wanted me to live mine. I have accepted she is gone. I still have the constant ache in my heart but what people mean when they say time is a healer is that it doesn't really get easier but the longer you live with it, you learn how to deal with it. I miss her and talk to her everyday and I carry her with me wherever I go and I still get a pang of pain when I see two sisters sharing a moment. I had an amazing sister and I know I will see her again but until then our relationship will live on.


  • by Susan, Illinois
  • Jun 2012

My friend lost her daughter after a year long battle with cancer. I was searching for a poem to express my thoughts and prayers for the family. This poem was a true expression of the grief that we are going through. Mindy was only 26 and our hearts will be broken for ever. Thank you for posting the poem.


  • by Laura, Chicago, Il
  • Jun 2012

My Sister 41 and my Husband were both murdered June 19, 1994 on Fathers Day. Jude was shot twice in her head and Michael was beat, he died several hours later. Both by unknown gang punks with no connection to each other. My Brother 42 died 6 years later. I can not move on. I've always been known as a strong person but the grief controls me. I cry EVERY day. We were abused as Children, neglected, and so many secrets only we knew. I'm sick with hate and anger. I don't want to be here. If a person is in so much pain for so long why must we remain here. My Life means nothing to anyone. I make no difference to anyone and I'm really just so tired. I lost 3 of my Best Girlfriends too within the last 7 years, all only in their 40's.


  • by Barbara, North Carolina
  • May 2012

I read your poem and reminded me of my grief for years and years. My sister was named Sandra too. She was only 31 and died of breast cancer. She had 2 precious children a girl and a boy. They have beautiful red hair and they still do. She was a very, very good friend of mine. We would laugh and cry together. She might have been my little sister but, she was always there for me. She was all ways thoughtful of others. I couldn't have asked for a darn better sister. I miss her very very badly even though she died 13 yrs ago this week.


  • by Kelsey, North Carolina
  • May 2012

Well, at a young age, my parents and grandmother always spoke of my ''sister'' whom I had never met. Eventually I understood what was all going on. My sister Morgan died at birth two years before I was born, and I never had the chance to meet her. Lately, I've felt terrible and cried myself to sleep just thinking about it. I am 16 now, so I think it has to do with wanting someone I can always count on. I just want to feel better, and I've tried talking to her, but it only seems to upset me more. What can I do?


  • by Jay, MO
  • Jan 2012

My sister died when she was 1 years old. I never met her but knowing that I am missing such an important person in my life really hurts me.


  • by Ellie
  • Jan 2012

My sister died when she was in P.E. in school she was 12 and I was like 6.
This was shocking news.
She died 9 days later in hospital xxxx


  • by Mary Obrien
  • Dec 2011

My big sister just passed yesterday, reading your poem. She had been ill for a very long time I would look into her eyes and see how much pain she was in. God help me I am going to miss her so much.


This poem really hits home. In 15 days it will be 3 years since I lost my sister. I was 16 she was 13. We were best of friends. Sometimes I wish that I could have her back and there isn't a lot of support out there for women like us.


  • by Preetha
  • Aug 2011

I am touched by all the poems. I lost my younger sister to a heart ailment. She was just 33 and has left behind her precious 2 yr old daughter and husband. The family misses her terribly!


  • by Julie, Indiana
  • Sep 2010

I lost my sister 17 years ago today, she was 27, on her honeymoon and her husband fell asleep at the wheel, it was such shock and loss, as we had suffered a bad childhood together, we were like each others parent, I wish I had the gift of writing such beautiful words to remember her by. No one ever fills that space in my heart. your poem was touching. Thank you


  • by Grace Bourke, Ireland
  • May 2010

I am so pleased that my poem has been able to help you with your losses as I know only too well that it is the hardest hurdle to overcome and I hope that you will all find some peace of mind eventually. It is the most difficult journey.


  • by Donna Sherman
  • Nov 2009

I just lost my younger sister and my best friend on July 29th she just turned 41. Every year we were always the same age for two months because mine is in August, but this year for my birthday I buried my best friend.
God, will the pain ever stop?


  • by Delilah
  • Feb 2009

I just lost my sister
She had just turned 29
This poem hit home so very much.
It has allowed me to find the words I couldn't. I mean how do you? To just do it and not create a novel. For fear of leaving something out. I am very thankful to the person who had the courage, strength and creativity to capture how I feel.


  • by Nixie
  • Sep 2008

I lost my younger sister in a car crash just a few weeks ago and was looking for a poem to help me through things and I came across this poem and fits so perfectly. She was only 29 and so similar to things in the poem. Thank you for posting this poem. And to my sister, Jess, we will always love and remember you. Too young and wonderful to be gone. RIP sweet sister.


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