Mourning Poem

Father In-Law

This is dedicated to my father in-law Noel who passed away on the 7/4/08 at 10pm. He didn't even get to meet his first grandson, who is to be born in 4 weeks.

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Published: Apr 2008


Your love for him was strong
We knew that all a long
Even if he made you mad
Even if he made you sad
The love between you two
Will always last forever
He may not be there in body,
But he will always be there
In your heart and in your soul
Think of the good times
You both had together
He will always be in your mind
And you will love him forever
He was a brave man
Traveling across the land
Now he has gone
You will miss him for so long
But everything's for a reason
Even though that reason is not clear
But his spirit is always with you
He will always be near
So life must go on
Like it has before
Just know he'll always be with you
Yesterday and forevermore


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