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I wrote this poem to my husband Mike, who died last year after a brave fight with cancer.

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I love this poem because I lost my granddad and we take flowers to him I …

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© Vivien Hodgkinson

Published: May 2008

Miss You So

Today I gave you roses
I gave you thirty three,
one red rose for every year
that you shared with me.
as I placed them on your grave
my tears fell silently,
for the man I truly loved
who is now just a memory.
I know that those roses
will slowly wither away,
but a memory so precious
with me will always stay.
It will never ease the sadness
or the pain I've come to know,
for no matter how much time
goes by,
I will always miss you so.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Gypsy Hodgkinson Dee
  • 4/19/2014

I love this poem because I lost my granddad and we take flowers to him I miss him dearly . :) but I know he will be happy now that he is not in pain any more


  • by Jennie, Greenford
  • Mar 2013

Such a poignant poem, touched me deeply as I am sure it has for every one who has lost someone.
I lost my dad in 2006 and miss him deeply. X


  • by Yes,
  • Nov 2010

Death is inevitable to all. We have to face it come day. It comes to our life stage like a comedian, without prior notice.

In what form it appears, we do not know, but one day it will come and embrace all of us. No mourning required at all. It is for all in this universe, whether you are poor or rich, good or bad....


  • by Nadia
  • Oct 2008

my granddad was told he had lung cancer lasts year and that he would have years to live but sadly passed away this year in April he was the only person that I was really close to in my family. his death was hard as I miss a lot of school and one family member made it hard for all of us. I have only just started to see that he is no longer in pain and in a better place watching me. but it still does not change the fact that I miss him :-}


  • by jessica troxell
  • Oct 2008

this story has touched me lot because I have lost a lot of people in my life and reading this makes memories come back and I will never forget them.


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