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When my second child, a son, was born it really threw me. My older child was a girl. I and my two sisters were raised by my mother and her mother without much input from my father. I have six first cousins - all female, and each of my sisters as well as my daughter have two children a piece - all girls. I didn't know if I was up to the task of rearing a boy. I wrote this to let him know that I would do everything possible to help him grow into a good and decent man.

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For My Son

© Katherine Marek more by Katherine Marek

Published on May 2010

Where did you come from, little one?
I see you every day and I
Still can't believe this is my SON
With golden hair and storm gray eyes.

What do I know of little boys?
My life's been filled with only girls.
These snips and snails and warcraft toys
Have changed the way I see the world.

Still I will do the best I can
To teach what I want you to know.
And with unskilled but loving hands
I'll plant the seeds and pray they grow.

For childhood flies quickly then,
All little boys grow into men.



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