Son Poem

Love For A Son

Words can never fully express the love a parent feels for a child, but this poem does a good job.

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© Dee Skyrme

Published on November 2007

My Son

When I carried you inside me I longed for a baby son,
My prayers were answered my son, my one and only one,
They laid you in my arms and I knew right away,
That the love you and I would share,
Would be wonderful and beyond compare.

You were the image of your dad
So I knew you would be a handsome lad
He was your idol when you were small
He was your hero and you were his all
You really were your dad's lad.

The years they flew by,
I watched you grow
From a little wee lad, to a man strong and tall
There were many times when the things that you did
Left me weary and sad and wanting to cry
I despaired of you then but you turned your life round
You became the man of whom I am proud.

Now you're a man with boys of your own
You can feel the joy of loving a child,
And how deep that love goes,
Now you know how I feel when I look at you,
My son, my one and only one.


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