Mother Daughter Poem

For You Are My Daughter For Eternity

I wrote this poem for my first born, she was the first "reason" I had to keep on going. It's my way of telling her that I know the troubles that are ahead, but I will be there to guide her every step.

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I'm so glad to hear that one of my poems has touched others. My little …

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© Maria D. Falcon

Published: Apr 2009

First Time

When I held you for the first time,
my life began to shine.
I knew then this life wasn't just mine.

I would do what it takes,
To help you correct your mistakes.
To get by the challenges you may face.

For our freedom many have fought,
Somedays will be good, others will not.
Always thank god for the life you got.

The world isn't perfect as you will see,
Having you here made it better for me.
When you're in need, by your side I'll be.

For you are my daughter for eternity.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Maria D. Falcon
  • Nov 2011

I'm so glad to hear that one of my poems has touched others. My little girl is now almost 14 and we have face many challenges but she continues to be my little girl.

Thank you all for reading and glad it helped.


  • by Faith, Missouri
  • Jun 2011

I have lost one husband to hunting tons and now my son has it I'm a cancer survivor I have now remarried and my second husband has bi-polar and early dementia I love to read and write poems so I think this is great I need lots of prays and poems.


  • by Red
  • Nov 2010

I love what you wrote here. It also touched my heart. Like you, I have the same experience with my first born daughter. I still feel the mixed emotions I felt when I first saw and held her in my arms. loved here so much and will love her forever. I'm afraid for her to get hurt and make mistakes but being a mom...I guess there's no limit to what we can give and sacrifice for our children. on Dec. 15, she will turn 11 yrs old...I want to give her the poem you wrote and hopefully I could come up with my own poem too. Thanks for inspiring me.


  • by Armani, Chicago
  • Sep 2010

OMG...this is an awsome poem i love it and it contains a very deep meaning i just love it !!


  • by Cathy
  • Oct 2009

I have been separated for 2 yrs and am in a new relationship. My daughter does not like him and gives me grief. Out of all her so called "friends" and including her dad, I have been the one to always be there for her and in doing so am receiving even more attitude and grief from her. She is leaving this week to go and visit my brother and sister in law 3 provinces away. If she likes it she has been asked to find work and stay. So this poem says a lot to her before she goes.
Thanks for writing an awesome poem ( I can't write


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