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I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to my brother and I thought writing a poem was the best way to be able to do that.

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My brother passed away before I was born. I am really sad now that he's not here, but I always remember him in my heart, which makes him alive in my heart.

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Published: Sep 2008

Good-Bye Brother

Heaven has called upon you today,
leaving so many words left to say.
But now it's too late, for your time has come,
words unspoken; I am sure everybody has some.
Regrets and wishes are probably there too,
but lasting forever are memories of you.
I was there when you needed a place to stay,
just like you would be there for me night or day.
There have been many times that we disagreed,
but we were there for each other in time of need.
Now it's time for me to say Good-Bye,
until we meet again in heaven to fly.

In Dedication To: Donald Wayne Tyarks


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  • by Sofia, Texas
  • 7/15/2014

My brother passed away before I was born. I am really sad now that he's not here, but I always remember him in my heart, which makes him alive in my heart.


  • by Lorraine
  • 5/6/2014

I have just lost my brother in England to suicide. I am absolutely devastated, I'm not sure how long it will take to get over this. I read this poem and it was close to home for me, I might even use it for one of my family to read at the funeral on my behalf. So lovely.


  • by Anita
  • 2/3/2014

I have lost my two brothers. One is on 5th April 2010 and another is on last Wednesday. Both by motorbike accident. Everyone is telling me know is that this is their destiny. I am afraid for all these things. Will anyone will tell me why this is happened?


  • by Marion
  • Nov 2013

My brother committed suicide in October last year I am struggling to get over it I know I have to let go but I can't. Reading these poems sometimes helps but most of the time I am in tears.


  • by Brett
  • Aug 2013

My brother passed away in July 2012 unexpectedly and I never had the chance to say goodbye to him. I think about him everyday and what he'd be doing with his life if he was still alive.


  • by Andover, MN
  • Jun 2012

My brother committed suicide in March. It's been a struggle everyday. I have sat on this site and cried over and over again. But reading these poems have brought back wonderful memories of him for me. Wish I could write poems.


  • by Crystal, Limestone TN
  • Dec 2011

My brother has just passed on Dec 19th and this poem really touched me. I have read it over and over. It is really sweet. I love it. You are awesome.


  • by Becky, Indiana
  • Dec 2009

My Uncle passed away. My Dad and I have been talking about things to say at his service. He wanted to say some things about things he'll always remember. I wanted to read a poem, but I'm not good at that type of thing. Dad isn't very well with his words. So, I found your Poem and it went along with how I feel. Thought my Dad or I could read this. I know it sounds like something my Dad would've wanted to say to him too. So Thanks for the Poem.


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