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Raising a child a constant balance between coming close and giving space.

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© Madison L. Harris

Published: Feb 2006

Growing Up

As the minutes of my scurrying day slide past,
I think of the times we have shared.
I was yours from the start,
Fresh, straight out of her womb.

Remember the times when I fell down
And you were there to bandage my knee?
I need you to hold my life,
Like you held me when I got a bee sting.

I am grateful to have you in my life.
You scratch my back whenever I ask,
And never promise without intent.
I know that you would do anything for me.

Who will I be when I grow up?
This is the hardest question.
For you and for me, this may mean
A time of sincerest separation.

With every second I grow older,
I see you letting go.
But now I ask that you hold me close,
And treasure our moments together.

I love you so much
And I know it's true,
That you are my daddy,
And you love me too.


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