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I'll Always Love You

This poem is about a person who loves someone so much but is scared they are going to leave.

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This poem really touch me, it can shows how deep is my love. We have work hard to make our …

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© Cierra Echeverria

Published: Dec 2007


I get a chill when I see you,
I have a tear run down my cheek,
I am scared you're going to leave me
I don't want to close my eyes,
And I don't want to sleep,
I don't want to know what's going to happen,
If you go or if you stay,
Just know that I will always love you,
Each and every day.


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  • by Susi - Kl, Malaysia
  • Aug 2010

This poem really touch me, it can shows how deep is my love. We have work hard to make our dream come true but at last we have to accept that our love just remain as sound of music.. it sounds real but can't be touched.. I'm really sad that I have to leave him.. Bye dear TM..


  • by Ellia, Ohio
  • Mar 2010

....Ok there is a guy, who I love to death. He is my best friend. I want to tell him I love him, but I am afraid. What if I am rejected and it breaks our friendship? That is the big thing in everyone's life....rejection....


  • by Ingrid
  • Mar 2009

As I read this poem all that passed through my mind was the love I once had for a friend. I was scared that he would leave and I would never get to tell him how I truly feel. Although I got to tell him in the end it never made a difference.


  • by amanda
  • Sep 2008

I want to thank you for writing a poem like this. I am going through a really bad heart break. I just lost both my mom and dad and my boyfriend of two years just recently cheated on me and it tore me apart. I have lived in group homes my entire life. I have no one there for me, to take care of me. I am scared every day to even try to get close to someone again because I know that they are going to taken away from me just like everything and everyone else. So I just want to thank you for writing a poem like this one.


  • by becky
  • Sep 2008

This is very true. I love someone and I'm always afraid he'll leave, but now I deal with him away, but I talk to him every day. One day I hope we will marry but for the time being I will be afraid..........


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