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To my beautiful Grandmother, Renee Ann Velasquez! I love you and miss you everyday!

I Miss You

© Michelle Williams
I think about you all the time,
And every day it hurts to cry.
So much has happened in my life,
I'm not sure how hard to try.

Tears are falling constantly,
My heart hurts everyday.
I think about your beautiful smile,
That I pray I see again someday.

The sweet smell of your perfume,
Has slowly faded away.
But all your helpful teachings,
Are always here to stay.

I can't express how much you taught me,
So much I can't explain.
All the times I can remember,
Never once heard you complain.

So many hearts were broken,
The day God called you home.
It seems as though each one of us,
Were left to survive alone.

I know there was a reason,
That you had to leave.
To keep us in your watchful eyes,
So now in God I really do believe.


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Published: Jun 2008

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  • The pain came flooding once again as I read your poem. How I miss my Mammaw Mae. She passed one month before her 100th birthday of Alzheimer's, but she was spry until she was 97. She was a country girl from West Virginia and lived in the mountains all her life. She stayed at home and took care of her 4 children, but she never stopped working until she hit the bed. I could write a book about my Mammaw. I watched her do everything from cooking to canning, from cleaning to praying and I try to be just like her, though I fail terribly. I wish I had her loving heart and humility.
    I have her things all around me. From her kitchen cabinet to her slop bucket. I loved her and still do with every thing that is in me. I am so happy that you loved your Grandmother, too.
    Thank you for the lovely poem.
    Carolyn Harvey

    carolyn harvey Submitted Feb 2009

  • Thank you so much. I am searching for the right words to say at my Grandmothers funeral service this weekend. I miss her so much already!

    Jackie Submitted Mar 2009

  • My heart ached as I read this..
    My grandma past away Jan 8th of this year..
    And it's almost that time again..
    this poem really took place in my life..
    this is exactly how my grandma was..
    Not a day goes by I don't think about her..

    Thank you

    Taylor Morgan Submitted Dec 2009

  • Wow. That was amazing .My grandmother passed this year of April at the age of 47. I never got to say goodbye. Wwhen I read this I cried, because I really miss her a lot and she was so special...

    Ayuna, GA Submitted Jun 2010

  • I lost my Grandmother 9 years tomorrow and man this poem said everything. She took care of me when my mom could not. I miss her so much.

    Christina, Oregon Submitted Aug 2010

  • My grandma died July 23, 2010 two months after she turned 60, this is an amazing poem, it made me cry! She never complained, and I lived with her off and on. I miss her soo much I'm expecting my first child this month, she was so excited about him, I am having a very hard time dealing with her not being here. Thank you for this!

    Taylore, Kansas Submitted Oct 2010

  • I love this poem. I miss my grandma a lot. She was my savior. This poem brought tears to my eyes. My grandma passed in May of this year. The holidays are very tearful.

    Charles Rogers Submitted Dec 2010

  • My Grandma passed last week on December 16 2010 and I want to do a poem for her coming service. I was looking for help on starting my poem but this poem really got to me and made me break down. This poem is beautiful

    San Jose Submitted Dec 2010

  • wow.. tears.. my grandma died 2 years ago.. of cancer.. I just can't believe she left.. I miss her so much <3 :''(

    Chantal Submitted May 2011

  • this is such an awesome poem my grandma passed away 6 months ago and she was my best friend and my whole would we called each other little buddy and any chance I had I was spending time with her and calling her on the phone 3 -4 times a day I miss her so much and this poem was an awesome one.... rip little buddy 11/21/2010

    Kaylee, Bradford PA Submitted Jun 2011

  • My grandma passed away on 26 Feb. 2012. she was really a great buddy for me. I shared my every feelings with her. NOW I am really missing her a lot and just tears are coming out but not stopping.:{

    Saloni ,Lucknow Submitted Apr 2012

  • As I read this I cried and cried January 8th , 2008 my grandma Susan Alice Copeland died at the age of 54 of breast cancer.. She has it for 7 years it went away then came back really strong and she couldn't fight it. The last thing she ever said to me was " No Tears, No Tears, I love you Emily!" She was a strong Christian women spread the word through out many and no matter what loved everybody and had no enemies. I miss her so much, my grandpa is remarried and his new wife is making us get rid off all her stuff. When she was alive and walked into her house you could feel her there and the love now you walk in and you can just tell its changed soo much and that our family is destroyed now. I love her so much and something happens everyday that I wish I could tell her. 5:45 A.M. was her last breath taken. I love god but I'm still trying to understand why he took her from me, the one person who understood me. The only one I felt comfortable to share anything with is now gone. RIP

    Emily Anderson Submitted May 2012

  • My grandma Joyce died yesterday and I feel very sad right now. We were very close and I called her every day and we spent time together every week. My heart feels so broken right now and I can't stop crying, but I know I need to be strong for my mother.

    Lyndsey, Arizona Submitted May 2012

  • My grandma passed away in 2007 due to ovarian cancer and this poem brings back some great memories of her. I miss her a lot.

    Darrryl Swoyer, Lake Arial Submitted Jul 2012

  • This poem expresses how I feel each day, February 12, 2012 was the day I list my grandma to cancer, after years of fighting, god finally let her rest. I don't think people realize how much a grandmother means to a woman...not until they've through it for themselves..

    Julie Ann Submitted Jul 2012

  • My Nana died on my 13th birthday in 2004. I seen and thought of her as my mum, we were always together and talked about everything. Even though it is almost 8 years since she passed away it still feels like yesterday. I still haven't stopped crying over her and would give anything to see her wonderful smile one last time and for her to hold me once more. My heart is still breaking and I just want her to be here with me.
    This is a truly beautiful poem and reminded me of my Nana so much. It's like you wrote it for me.
    Nana's are the most special people in the whole world.

    Natasha, Glasgow Scotland Submitted Aug 2012

  • My grandma died September 28 2011, and as that time draws near again, it gets harder to face reality. This poem reminded me of her from beginning to end.

    Shannette Rankin Submitted Sep 2012

  • My grandmother passed away just two days ago. October 16,2012 she was my other mom that I would run to I never thought this would happen. And my other grandmother died January 10,2010 two years ago and feels like it was just this last week. The poem reminded me of them both.

    Kristal Segura Submitted Oct 2012

  • Wow, this poem really hit home. I lost my grandma Feb 7 2012. She was my mother I never had, she always listened when I needed her, she was my everything. Now I feel so very empty without her. I miss her so much and I don't think the pain of losing her will go away. Thank you for writing this.

    Samantha ,California Submitted Nov 2012

  • I lost my Gran 34 years ago. She died suddenly and I was not there. I have never forgiven myself. I think of her every day and still cry - you might think that's crazy after so long but I miss her so much to this day and always will. I think about the things I didn't say, didn't ask. So many regrets. Grandmothers are the most special people in the world. She is with God now and I hope she is at peace. One day we will be together again.

    Lyn, England Submitted Feb 2013

  • My grandmother just passed away few months ago. It's very hard to forget her and I just can't live without her. Really this poem brought tears to my eyes.

    Poorvi Aramani , Gadag Submitted 5/16/2013

  • Oh my God....I have tears in my eyes. I lost my Grandma April 2001. She was 92. 12 years later, I think about her everyday. I wear her never leaves my finger. No matter how old or young they are when they leave hurts. I love you Grandma. I know you are near watching over us. I miss you so much and always will, until we meet again.

    Jersey Strong, New Jersey Submitted 8/27/2013

  • I know how you feel I may be only 13 years old but my granny meant everything to me. She was there for me when I was sad and felt alone. I miss her with all my heart

    Cherokee Summers , Oklahoma Submitted 11/10/2013

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