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My mother is my guardian angel.

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My mom's birthday is Sunday, March 4. Mama passed away Nov 13, 2011, I …

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© Rebecca Mendez

Published: May 2008

Mom: My Guardian Angel

You are my guardian angel.
The sun that seeps in through the window
Reminds me of your smile that always lightens
The rest of my day.

While in school and outside I hear the songs of joyous birds. Their musical songs remind me of your voice that counsels, comforts, and talks to me every day.

As I look out in the sky in the middle of the night I see a glistening moon. It reminds me of your eyes that watch for me and have this spark of happiness within them.

Along with the moon I see a trillion stars fill up the sky. They remind me of royalty. I feel like a princess in training. A royal queen I'll one day be. A queen like YOU.

My daily life is filled with brief thoughts and memories of you. I feel like you sent nature to watch over me so you can be my constant guardian angel.


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  • by Kathy Chambless, Buffalo New York
  • Mar 2012

My mom's birthday is Sunday, March 4. Mama passed away Nov 13, 2011, I miss her so much. She was always there for me, even when I lived out of state. I always knew I could pick up the phone and call her to talk, laugh, cry. She always listened to me, She was the one that I would tell my deepest secrets and know that how foolish they sounded she would continue to love me unconditionally. Mama, I miss you so, so much. I know you are in heaven and dancing with dad like you loved to do so much. Happy Birthday, My Angel


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