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This Poem is about my mom. My everything. My world. She means so much and I love her. She is serving in the armed forces and has been gone for over 3 years. She means so much to me.

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My mom passed away three years ago and I really miss her that why this …

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© Kathirine Hinkle

Published: May 2011

My Beautiful Mother

She is the wind that lifts me up to the sky.
The very breath that I take each day.
The morning sun shining down on me.
The moonlight guiding me through the night.
My northern star, brightly shining in the darkest of days.
The warmth of her voice echoes in my head.
The feeling of her kiss, brings tears to my eyes.
Her smile, making each rainy day, a little bit brighter.
Living life as though nothing can hurt her.
A mother is god in a child's eyes.
She's my god.
My everything.
My world.
The reason why I push on every day of my life.
Pressing myself to be better.
Living my day as each is my last.
Just as she does.
She's the life that is mine.
The rhythm of my heartbeat.
The core of my soul.
She is the one who wipes the tears away.
She is the one who can cry and still stay strong.
She is the one who takes all of my worries away.
And enlightens my day.
She is unlike any other.
She is my one, my only.
My Beautiful Mother.


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  • by Juanita Mejia
  • Nov 2011

My mom passed away three years ago and I really miss her that why this poem touched me so much.


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