Angry Poem about Family

A daughter bemoans her fate. Her father has left the house. She will grow up without a daddy.

My Father Left Me Behind

© Jessica Farley
Leaving behind others to take your place,
Carrying on your name, walking around with your face,
Knowing you go left behind,
Wondering what's on my father's mind.
He didn't even think to try.
To leave my mother with tears going down her face,
Left me only to embrace,
Only for me to ask her why?
My mother can give me answers;
My father left behind.
For he can give his love to another,
But can't give his love to me,
My mother would give her life,
As she's given life to me,
My father I hope to love.
Will he ever really love me?
He can take and make a life and keep living on,
But what is it like to live without a father,
He doesn't even know,
Because he doesn't even care,
He left me alone.


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Published: Feb 2006

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  • My father left me when I was 3, left my mom for a drug addict. He went to prison for 10 years, has just come and has yet to change his ways. My mother raised 4 kids on her own, no help from him.

    Shelby Spencer Submitted Nov 2009

  • I can relate to your poem, my father left me at 3 walked in and out my life first, then decided to cut contact completely. He is a gutless, cheating coward. I have achieved so much without him. and he was not even man enough to support financially throughout my childhood even though he is a highly successful business man!

    Mandy, Coventry Submitted Nov 2009

  • I can relate to this story. My father left my mom when I was five, when she had just had my little brother, for another girl and then went to jail for drug trafficking. I haven't heard from him once since then.

    Jackie, Oregon Submitted May 2010

  • I can also relate too this story. I'm 15 and my daddy left me. He has a drinking problem ): And its hard, cause he never calls me on my birthday or anything. He doesn't care about me. He wanted a boy not a girl.

    Megan, Wausau Submitted Aug 2010

  • My father took off to Florida in the middle of the night when I was 10. I am now 32 and have yet to get over it. I am still angry with him and hurt. I talk with him on occasion, but it is always so meaningless and empty. I would really like to forgive the man and just move on with my life, I just don't know how. I will forgive him one day though... hopefully I can do it before he dies.

    Sarah, New York Submitted Sep 2010

  • Oh I love this poem so much, my father left me when I was 2 months old, and has been in and out my life, but nothing to really remember. I have even had one of my son's on his B-day, but still no response, always waiting by the phone just thinking one day he will call me and want to meet his grandkids! I want a dad, always have, and always will!

    Billie Jo Neumann - Koepke Submitted Oct 2010

  • Hey, I can also relate to your poem.
    It's my 30th birthday and I haven't had any contact with my father over 20 years. I wonder if he remembers, cares or even thinks about his first family at all.

    R, Uk Submitted Nov 2010

  • My father left before I was born. When he found out my mother was pregnant with me, he just left, no goodbye, nothing. His only contact was to deny his paternity and that was that. I'm a grown man now and it still hurts to think about it, even though I try not to. I'm sorry for your pain and I hope you find peace.

    Angellus Submitted Dec 2010

  • I can relate also, my father left my mom when I was born and never gave her a dime to help. I met him my last year in high school, by then he had 9 plus kids and at least 8 of them he was there to raise them. When I am around my father and my siblings I feel like I don't belong and I am still in pain because he left me. Many times I believe because he left me that is the reasons why I can't keep a man. I forgive my father but I have a hard time forgetting.

    Tonya, Florida Submitted Dec 2010

  • When I was very little my mom and dad got a divorce. I didn't really effect me until now, and I am 15. My dad he lives in Oklahoma with another family, another life. And my brave mother takes care of her three children all by herself. No help from others. I do get to see my dad over summer, sometimes for like 2 weeks and that's all. Like I don't remember any memory with him, so it's pretty much like he is not my dad. A dad wouldn't treat kids that aren't his own like they are his own and leave me and my sister without a care of a father. He never calls, never messages me; he has my number but doesn't even try to have a relationship with me.

    Hannah, Ohio Submitted Dec 2010

  • Hey
    I think I know how you feel. My dad committed suicide shortly after my fourth birthday and my mum had to take care of four children, alone! I still have to deal with his death.. and sometimes I'm really angry that he left me and my little sister without a daddy..
    Hope you can forgive your dad for what he did.. or at least find peace.

    Vivian, Germany Submitted Jan 2011

  • My mum and dad split up when I was 13 I'm 17 now. at first it didn't hurt me, but as time went on and I found out he had a new wife and kids it destroys me from the inside. It's been almost 4 years since I aint seen him he doesn't make no effort to come see me. I miss him soo much I just wish he would realize that he had other responsibilities of looking after me.

    Maryam England Submitted Feb 2011

  • my dad left me & my sister when we were 1 &2!! My mom had a hard life!! No money from him!! No contact!! He raised a whole other family! I even seen him around town with his new family but did not even say he was my father to his kids. He passed about 2 months and now his wife is getting in contact with me apologizing for him and even wanted me to go to the funeral!! Now she tells me I have a sister and a brother the sister asked what should we do now? She never knew she had 2 sisters ! about a week before his death he told her that we never got in contact with him!! which is not true I was on Facebook too!!

    Victoria, NJ Submitted Mar 2011

  • My dad left my family five years ago, he was still involved in my life, I saw him often. I was oblivious to how he treated my mother and when he slept on the mattress I was told that it was ok, dad snored. He told me a girl was sleeping over because she had something bad happen to her. I presumed she was a friend but I turns out he was having an affair. I was surprised but I didn't care. Over time my dad grew closer to the women and not as close to me. She treated me poorly and no one noticed. Sometimes my dad stuck for me but other times he didn't. I sometimes tried to tell him but he didn't listen and avoided talking about it. Its had been five years and I had put up with all the crap but because I loved him I didn't leave. I decided I was sick of it and got the guts to tell him I was leaving. he wasn't happy and screamed at me. I am only 15 and I have had to watch my father marry someone who had stolen him away from me and who will suck the rest of his love away from me.

    Ruby, Queensland Submitted Apr 2011

  • My dad divorced and left my mom when I was 4 months old. He wrote a couple of times through the next year or two, but we haven't heard from him since. I'm 30 now and my mom has tried hard to find him, but we don't know any of his family so we can't find him. I'm told I have a sister by him and a previous woman but I don't know how to find her, I am an only child I'd like to meet my sister some day. It's strange because I have many friends and nobody doesn't have their father. Its tough not to think about. When I have kids I won't leave them, especially since I know how bad it feels to have your father not care.

    D, Texas Submitted Jun 2011

  • I can relate my dad left when I was 10 and I'm 13 now I was really close to my dad and he just left and moved to Iowa and started a new family. He married his wife within a few months and they has two kids together, he calls me twice a week and it's awkward and meaningless. My mom raised me and my little brother on her Own and I really miss my dad and I still love him but I don't understand why :( today I watch videos on a camcorder and my dad was in it and it made me really depressed I wish life was how it used to be.

    B, California Submitted Jun 2011

  • Hey I know how you feel. My dad left me when I was 10 and I'm now 12. I still see him every now and then at family parties but he never says hi to me. He now has a wife and has moved away. I try to talk to him but he doesn't want to keep in touch with me :( I really do miss him.. I have tried to go and visit him but he is never home.:'( life was great when my father was around but things have changed. I really do wish life can be the same and I wish he can come back.

    Nena,Cicero Submitted Jun 2011

  • I'm 41, I have three kids. I try hard each day to be the dad I never had. I haven't gotten over it, but it doesn't hurt as much as when I was young.

    The way I see it: even the fastest, coolest car ever made can have a door that sticks from when it was repaired long ago. It's still the fastest, coolest car.

    Derek, Georgia Submitted Jul 2011

  • When I was nine years old my father started an affair. I found out about it the same day my mother did. After four years of marriage therapy after that day, he never actually changed. In August of the fourth year we found out about another woman, who was half his age, just like the other woman. He went to a five week addiction rehab, and when he came back, he went to Chicago alone. He told my mom he wanted a divorce. He left us, my mother and my four younger sisters. I hope you find peace, as the wounds are deep, often much deeper than we realize.

    Meghan, Jackson Submitted Jul 2011

  • I understand I'm 15 and my real Dad left when I was 2 then I had my first step Dad not to long after. He was great though he was my step Daddy not the man that helped make me, but then Daddy left too. Sad to lose two makes it seem like no one loves you. My new step Dad is the worst though of all because he hates me and makes fun of me. It's horrible honestly I try not to cry anymore I mean HELL it's been 6 years maybe more or less, but I do it anyways because I just can't stop myself. It just hurts so much I don't even get to see him because his new wife hates me for some reason I don't know and I start to shake and can't breath when I get close to places we used to always be together........I miss my Daddy so < /3

    C, Florida Submitted Jul 2011

  • My Dad left us when I was 10 years old, and I am 56 years old now. I can still remember the day he left, what he was wearing, his cologne, and the song he was listening to (his favorite). I eve remember the conversation him and I had before he walked out. I loved my Dad he was my Dad. My Dad was a truck driver and he was all over the place. My Mom loved him so much. She stayed married to him until the day she died in 1979. I could go on about this but we would be here all night. To make a very long story short he left us for another woman and I miss him every day. I am sure he has passed already. To this day when ever I am out driving or just outside and a truck goes by, I stop and look to see if its my dad. I loved my Dad so much and I miss him too, I want him to come home so I could be his little tinker again. (tinker was the name he called me) I love you Daddy.

    C. Britton, Downey, California Submitted Jul 2011

  • I am 17 & my parents split about 9 months ago.. He was my hero, someone I could look up to.. At first I thought I was going to be okay, that it wasn't going to bother me since I'm older.. & as time goes by I start to realize how much I miss him & need him. I haven't seen him in a year and he thinks money could buy love. He has a wife now and it kills me inside..

    Samary, Illinois Submitted Aug 2011

  • I was 6 years old when the planes crashed in to the towers I will never forget 9/11. I'm now 16 and when I was twelve my step dad left it was already bad enough my dad died in the attack now my step dad leaves? I still will never forget my dad I still like to imagine that he's out there somewhere and just can't find his way home it takes time for something so serious to heal

    Kadalyn, Newyork Submitted Sep 2011

  • My dad left me when I was 3. He went out and got two other girls pregnant. I have no relation with them because all of our moms have been arguing because of him. My mom was a teen mom at 16, my dad left my mom alone to take care of a child when she too, was still a child. 10 years later he contacted my mother telling her how he had changed, she told me about it so I agreed to meet him. I had so much hate toward him and so many things to say to him; but when I saw him I froze I was speechless. To look in the eyes of the man who left me. I could only think how could this man look into his daughters eyes and not just fall in love. Instead he cowards out and runs away missing my entire life. A year went by and we stopped talking. I called and called and he ignored every call. Finally he answered and his tone was cold. He told me that he was too busy for me and that we would have to put a hold on our relationship, I wouldn't stand that. So right there he left for a second time. Some people never change.

    Monica, Minnesota Submitted Sep 2011

  • My Dad left me when I was 15. I'm now 17, It still kills me inside knowing that the man of my life just walked out of it. He was my hero and I could've only wished to have the great relationship that my parents had. But my father is a liar. I feel like my heart will be forever broken. I miss him so much, he moved to Virginia and I see him maybe each 9 months or so for two days . My mom and I live in Canada and it's not the same without him .

    Stephanie, Quebec Submitted Dec 2011

  • I thought I was the only one to feel this feeling of sad and hate just because my dad left my mother before I could ever meet him <3 I am turning 20 in six days and am still hurt and I wonder why.. my mom even told me that when I was younger I would say my life is like a puzzle with 1 piece missing.. and she would ask which 1? I'd say my dad.. I imagine her pain and gets me mad why would he leave?

    New York Submitted Jan 2012

  • I feel for all of you. My dad left my Mom and I when I was 5. I was under the impression for all the years after that they just couldn't get along. My mom remarried within 2 years. The guy was great. Well, I should call him by his name, Larry, my stepdad. I love him so much. I didn't at first, well, actually, until about 21 because I kept hanging on to my "daddy", who only saw me when it was convenient for him. My dad passed in 2005. It is still very hard for me. I love my stepdad more than anything. I realize now, at 41, that he cared and still cares. My 2 children are going thru almost the same thing except their dad makes no effort to see them because he is a narcissist. My 16 year old son sees him occasionally because he can drive there. Out of letter allowance. Anyway, my daughter is 10 and doesn't see him at all. They do have a wonderful stepdad though. I know it's hard and I empathize with all of you.

    Noelle, Alabama Submitted Jan 2012

  • I can also relate to this my dad left me and my mom a few days ago for a woman with one kid that was left by her husband! I tried to be strong and act like nothing happen but today I just had to let it out. I couldn't stand it. I though my dad loved me and my mom but I guess he didn't. So he is coming back on Monday and my mom and I are going to get our revenge on him cause what he did was wrong !

    Mia Submitted Feb 2012

  • My dad would drink and hit me. Told me he never liked me or that no one will ever love me. He divorced my mom when I was on my 2nd grade summer vacation. After that my mom had to get two jobs. She would work early in the morning and come home late. My sister who would always get mad said she hated him, mom and me. It broke my moms heart to find out he got remarried. I'm now 13 and next time I see him I'll tell him I'm a bigger man than him. And I'll be a better father.

    Armando, Franklin Park Submitted Feb 2012

  • My dad left when I was eight. I'm now fourteen, he is now married, she has kids. I had his number, he changed it. I have no contact with him at all. The day I met his wife she lied to my face. I haven't seen my dad in about 5 years. I cry every night because I miss him so much. I just wish he would man up, and realize what he has missed out on.

    Usa Submitted Feb 2012

  • My parents divorced when I was an infant. My father signed over his rights to my sister and I within a few years after my mom re-married. He never even tried to keep in contact with us. Now that I am an adult I've tried to make contact with him and build a relationship. I've forgiven him for leaving us. He re-married also and replaced us with 2 more daughters. He has no desire to make a relationship with me, even though I've tried so hard. I've finally given up. He never wanted me. I'm so thankful I have my Father in Heaven, who fills this terrible void.

    Miranda, Missouri Submitted Feb 2012

  • My little girl is growing up with out her father she is only 3 months old and may never even meet her father.... he hasn't even asked about her or tried to be there for me or her.. I just hope one day she can understand any fool can make a baby but it takes a man to raise a child....

    Tiphanie,Florida Submitted Feb 2012

  • In the past my mom and dad got divorced. My dad took me and my big sister away from my that time my dad didn't have enough money to raise us, so my dad took us to his mom and dad my grandparents, they were the once who raised me and loved me also my dad loved me at that time, my dad had a job in manila so he had to go, in summer times he takes a vacation in my grandparents house to spend time with me and my sister, at that time I thought that my dad will love us forever, but when he left and got back again he had a woman with him they got married and a baby girl my stepsister, after that day my dad didn't pay attention to me only my stepsister I do the best I could to get his attention but it never works, I understand that my stepsister needs love too but what about us, my dad left again and when I thought when he comes back he'll love us again but no for 6 years my dad never showed his love for us every time I see them together I fell hatred in me, I just wish he'll love me again.

    Sta, Cruz,Biga-A Submitted Mar 2012

  • I don't even know when my dad left us. My mom had me when she was only 17. She tries to make it sound like he doesn't want ANYTHING to do with me. But I try to believe that its not true. My dad and my mom dated for a while. when they broke up, she immediately found a new BF. She found out she was pregnant with me when she was with him. He was there for my birth and all! When I was around 2 years old, they found out that he wasn't my dad. He was heart broken. She found out who my real dad was and was shocked. She didn't tell him till I was around 6. I didn't find out about my dad till I was 9! He remarried had 2 daughters. My mom told me that, his name and that he live within walking distance of us! I still have yet to meet him and I'm turning 12 in 2 weeks. It's almost as if my mom is trying to keep me away from him. As if she wants me all to herself. My mom remarried in 08'. They divorced in Dec 10'. So just like that I lost my step dad and my dad! I've always wanted to meet him and hope I do!

    Ag, Wilmigton, NC Submitted Mar 2012

  • When I was 10 my dad disappeared because his house got foreclosed on and I haven't seen or heard from him since. I am now fourteen years old and doing fine. I still love him with all my heart even after he hurt me by doing these things I never understood why he left me or why he was always at a bar or with a random woman but now I am bigger and smarter understand only a fraction of it all. My mother remarried and now I have a new dad and he is awesome he is everything a son could ever want for a dad to be he takes me places with him and we go on trips and do lots of fun things that my old dad never did with me and I am happy now

    Garrett, Pennsylvania Submitted Mar 2012

  • My step mum and step brother
    Actually, I am in a different situation, but for the same reason; my dads selfishness. My dad is divorced to my mum, so I can only visit him a weekend every three weeks. He had a wife and her previous husbands son, and I saw them every time I visited as well. However, my dad announced their divorce, but told me I would still see my step mum and step brother for a good year afterwards, so I wasn't concerned. My dad lied to me though, because what I thought was just another trip to my dads and step mums, was actually my last, but I never said goodbye properly to them.
    I miss them so much, even four years on, but my dad won't let me contact them, and it hits me every day that I didn't say goodbye or tell them how much I loved them... It really made me realize how selfish he can be... My story's not as touching and dramatic as anyone else's really, but I just wanted to tell it in the hope that there are some people who understand how I feel :)

    Mia, Scotland Submitted Apr 2012

  • I have wondered the same things. My father left my mother for another woman before I was born. After I was born, my mother took me to go see him to show him that I was his and he did not believe her. My dad did not want anything to do with my since then. I ran into him on New Years Day at McDonalds when I was 15 and he promised he was going to be around all the time and that he was going to make up for lost time but that only lasted 3 days and he was gone to his normal family again.

    Shelby, Michigan Submitted Apr 2012

  • My father left me when I was first born at the hospital, soo I never really had a father figure. It hurts to see my sisters and brothers with their dad because I never got a chance to meet my father. It hurts to see someone talk about their dad because I never got a chance to even meet my dad. It hurts to hear that he has a family in Macon ,Georgia. I asked my mom why he left? She just said bad things about him because he left she never answer my question directly but I know the real reason why he left. He didn't love me or want to be a part of my life. I'm now 17 and still to this day I think about how my life will be if my father was in it but I know I probably will never meet him !!!!!! I would love too but it will never happen. Sometimes I wonder does he ever thinks of me or talk about me to his family???

    Shayron Tucker , Virginia Submitted May 2012

  • I am a father that left my kids behind. I find your poem very powerful. I had an addiction that I was very selfish with and I was locked up for 3 years. I can say that I changed my ways (people can change) and although I regret the past. I have a great relationship with my children. I have no doubt that this has caused them pain, anguish and repercussions that I will never know, but today, I am sober and love them with all of my heart. I hope this helps.

    Wayne Submitted May 2012

  • My dad never told me he loved me, never even hugged me, never even gave me money. He was always drunk. I'm 16 now and was raised for 16 years by my grandparents but I call them mom and dad because they are like parents to me, but lately I can't help but wonder does he even know I'm 16? Does he even know or remember how I look? I wake up every single night crying wandering if he ever thinks of me. Every girl needs her real dad. I hope that saying that goes if you dream about someone they went asleep thinking of you because I dream of him almost every night!

    Elma,South-Africa Submitted Jun 2012

  • My father left me a day after my birthday, the 12 of July 2012.. and he didn't care , he didn't explain why, I was raised very strictly and I guess he thinks that I should have a hard time my whole life but it's not right..he left me for his new life and I cried a lot.. because I told him everything. I trusted him with everything and now he found a new family and he doesn't need me anymore..

    Mary-Jane Stamper Submitted Jul 2012

  • I can relate to your poem. When my mom was pregnant with me he left. He never said goodbye. My mom was 16 at the time. her parents cut her off an she had no way to go or get a job. She went to me father's mother and she took her in. It was then she got a job and raised me on her own. My dad he never even come back to at least see his son. We never talk or have an way of communication. I feel as though I have this empty space in my heart that can't be filled. I'm 16 now.

    Kellon Sealey Submitted Jul 2012

  • My father left me when I was about two years old , He came back then left again , Came back then left again , And never got in touch with me again, He told me he didn't love me :/ He had two kids of his own , my two brothers , I didn't even get to meet one of the kids , They went to jail for leaving the babies alone in the house at a newborn and a like 2 year older, They left them , While they were passed out on the ground on drugs , It made me upset :/ But I am now 12 And living life with a step-dad who actually cares and is going to adopt me (:

    Reagan, Florida Submitted Jul 2012

  • My dad did not work, he did not take care of his children when my mom was at work, he sucked the money from my mom by buying cigarettes instead of food for his children. He was a snake, a parasite. When I was seven and we had moved to another town, my parents had a huge fight and my dad moved back in with his parents. Occasionally we'd see him on weekends, because my mom said she wasn't going to keep my brother, sister, and I from that side of the family. Here I go thinking, "Maybe I won't be without a dad after all! Maybe he still loves us!" Two years later, when I was nine, I found out that my dad was internet surfing, found some strange woman from another state, and was going to move in with her. My impression was, "He doesn't love me anymore. It's my fault he left. I did something wrong to make him leave." The day he left was the last day I ever saw him. I was nine. I am now twenty-one. And I've been just peachy without him. May you find peace and God bless. You're not alone.

    C, U.S.A Submitted Aug 2012

  • I'm sorry to everyone here but the pain doesn't go away. My dad left when I was 1. I never knew who he was until last year when I was 28. I found out he had 8 other kids. I hate my half sisters cause he loved them and not me. They don't understand what I went thru. He killed himself a couple months back and never explained himself or said sorry. It bothers me everyday I wish I had never found out who he was because it was so much easier. I could never leave my kids how did he leave his daughter???

    Sahara, Sydney Australia Submitted Sep 2012

  • FATHERS, you have to understand what you do to your children when you leave us and our moms for other women. How can you leave your children?
    Do you see all the pain in these letters? It never, never, never ends, the pain that you have caused. I am 60 years old, my father caused me much pain during my life. He died today and he never said he was sorry.

    Fathers, you still have time to change your child's life for the better by making a life with them now. Call your children and tell them how much you love and miss them and you want to start a life with them. You'll never believe how forgiving a person with a wounded heart can be.

    Kathy, Cincinnati, Ohio Submitted Sep 2012

  • Dad left. Dropped in and out when convenient for him. It was his father and brother that made me feel valuable, like a princess. when he was sick and dying, I didn't care and still don't. When he died the coroner's office wanting to know what to do with his dead body. I replied that dogs bury bones, so throw him into the street and hopefully a dog will bury him, and I told the coroner not to call me again, and hung up the phone. Luckily as an abandoned daughter I didn't fall into the trap of going through strange men looking for love - I'm the kind of woman you have to jump through a million hoops to prove you love me and intend on staying around. Only been with one guy - married him - left him - never replaced him as I didn't want a stranger raising our son whom he abandoned. Be strong and realize we can't control the bad behavior and decisions of others. It's hard, but we have to move on.

    Lydia, Missouri Submitted Oct 2012

  • My father literally ignored me and my family for about 3 years. He left the country for work then suddenly stopped calling and sending money completely. I went to that country to study believing he would call me. He knew I was there but never called. He ignored me for about a year, plus I had to drop out of university because we had no money to pay. Suddenly he called me and bought me a ticket to go back home. Now he reconnected with the family but had become cold towards us, even my mother. He even hit her once. He would tell us that he wants a new family and he doesn't care about his children. He spends as much time as he can away from home and gets angry quickly and says hurtful things. I know he doesn't want this family anymore. Sometimes I wish he would die but my mom doesn't work so it would be rough. I finally went back to university and have 2 more years to complete my degree. I want to pursue my Masters after this. I just hope I can tolerate him long till I get a job and move.

    Florida Submitted Oct 2012

  • Parents divorced when I was about 6. I was always my dads and my brother was always my mums. Things were going awfully bad at home and my mum had enough of my dad. She run away with me and my brother, We settled in a new town and shortly after through social services when I was 7/8 I would see my dad at the centre and he'd bring me toys and he'd cry when he'd see me . After a while my brother would take me to see my dad every 8/9 months in at his home for couple of days. Then when I was 11 he'd come up to my hometown and spend time. My brother and mum never really liked him and I felt alone and couldn't express my feelings. My mum got a new husband and I hated him so badly. My dad was jealous and after few years he got a new younger wife, since I was 12 didn't see my dad. I just heard about a year ago he got two twin boys. I always told myself I was ok and never thought about it but today I broke down saw I how much in denial I was! I can't stop crying. I'm 18 now and I miss my daddy so much!!

    Melody, UK Submitted Jan 2013

  • I feel your pain. My dad left us when I was 7. He went off chasing a younger woman. He left my mother and my two sisters and me behind. We existed on mother's small salary for working in a factory and sewing for other people. We learned to be very strong. Later dad came back but he was changed. He was always drunk. I never felt good enough as his daughter. Never wanted. It does leave a mark on you when you have no daddy. Sadly you wish for that relationship all your life and find only emptiness and poor substitutes. There is nothing and no one to fill that void. Now my dad is sick and I must go care for him because his new wife doesn't want to take care of him anymore because he had a stroke. I wish I wasn't so sad with him. But after all this time it still hurts. I wonder when the hurting ends.

    Jill, Texas Submitted Jan 2013

  • My new life poem, my dad left the house this past December because he said he wasn't happy with my mom anymore, he was confused. My poor mom would break down in tears every night he was gone, it made me sad for both sides. Recently, my mom figured out that the reason why he really left is because he had an affair with one of his coworkers, she got his phone read all the messages between each other and caught them hanging out. He spent New Years with another woman instead of his kids. It hurts me so much because I'm 19 and he was there for me, shared so many moments together and taught me many things. Thank you for this poem, it touches me.

    Victor, California Submitted Feb 2013

  • My dad left me when I was 2 years old (1991). He was a big drug addict, and he was always in and out of jail. One day he got transferred back to Nova Scotia to one of the jails there, and I haven't seen him since.. About 3 years ago (2010) he came down to meet me, but he brought his 2 sons and wife. That didn't bother me at all. I love having them as brothers, they are amazing kids. Then he left again, it broke my heart. I never knew I could be so connected with a man that I hardly even knew. We try to keep in contact as much as possible, but he is always busy with his family or work. I always feel like I'm the third choice. So now its 2013 and he finally came back down.. But he again brought his son for bonding time. I now have a 2 month old son.. And my dad thinks the world of him. Always wants to hold him, kiss him, loves him.. And again what about me. I think I'll always be last in his books. But at least I get to see him every couple years. Like they say forgive but never forget.

    Jessica Submitted Mar 2013

  • My dad left when I was 2 or 3 years old..and I haven't seen him since he left. I turned out like my brothers drinking..Getting in trouble at school..Ditching too much. It breaks my heart that I never get to see him but I have picture of him when my mom and my dad were getting married. Everytime I look at it I start to cry.

    Niiye Submitted Mar 2013

  • My story is a bit different since my parents were never really together when I was born. Instead I was shared by the two of them until I turned 6. That was probably the worst birthday ever. He took me out for my birthday and the whole family was there. Then he called the next day and said he couldn't see me anymore and he was sorry. I never saw him again. We lived in the same city but I always just missed him. Then when I was 11 he was in an accident and passed away. I'm not sure what I'm more angry about.. The fact that he left me without an explanation or that he died.

    For anyone still coping with the loss of there father, no matter what your story is, don't lose yourself in the experience. Instead try to grow up to be someone your mother would be proud of and learn from his mistakes. <3

    Taylor, Canada Submitted 5/29/2013

  • My dad left my brother and I when I was only 8 months old. Mum died when I was 3 so my brother and I, who was 6, were split up in an adoption centre. Now I'm 16 and I miss my mum and brother. I miss my dad but only because if he was here my brother and I would still be together.

    Kittydarleychan, England Submitted 7/29/2013

  • My dad left me when I was only a day old. I'm now 16 and wonder sometimes why he left me. Why would you leave your daughter behind? I found him on Facebook and sent him a friend request but he removed his Facebook profile. Sometimes I think to myself that his leaving was all my fault. But what could I possibly have done as a newborn? I just want a dad. He doesn't know what its like to live without a dad. I wish he had seen me growing up because he would of been so proud of me.

    Korky Submitted 8/6/2013

  • I relate to everyone with this kind of situation. My father left us when I was four. I'm the youngest of four kids that my mom courageously brought up on her own. She works extremely hard everyday for us. When I was younger I didn't realize what my father had done and I just wanted to have one. A father. So I would email him, saying I wanted to see him. And I did, around ten times a year. Now, I'm 14 and I realize how incredibly selfish and wrong that man is. I am ashamed to be his daughter. I think we are all victims and don't deserve this but I also think we should come together as one and help and listen to each other. It's been 8 months since I last saw him or spoken to him . My sibling have. Not me. I don't have a father.

    Claudia, Montreal Submitted 8/16/2013

  • Hi, I'm a father who had to leave a very damaging home with four children, and I relate to this poem now but in reverse because I've been doing all I can do for my children from a distance and seeing them and having them stay with me as much as I can. But now when I've finally started to recover from the abuse which meant I had to leave their mother, and am in a loving stable relationship and give them even more, I have been stopped from seeing them and they are believing I've deserted them when the opposite is true. I miss them so much and feel abandoned.

    Marc, France Submitted 8/23/2013

  • Poem touched a chord in my heart. My father walked out on my mother before I was born and later married another woman. My mother introduced me to him and his family when I was 2 months old. That was the first and last time he and his family saw me- they never bothered to keep in contact.

    When I was 19 (2009), I invited him on Facebook. He deactivated his account as soon as he got the invitation... I was angry for a long time after this but I am ok now- it's his loss

    Isipho, South Africa Submitted 9/29/2013

  • So about a year ago my dad split with my mom and then remarried her best friend. My parents were married for 25 years. My mom and her best friend were friends for 25 years. My dad and I were the best of friends. I knew he was up to no good and so over and over again I asked if he ok, or if was doing something he knew he shouldn't be. Over and Over again he lied to me. He ran off and got married without saying anything to anyone. Then came back on April 1st and called me to say he had bad news to tell. He had not been divorced from my mom before he started dating her best friend. Their divorce was final in January and was married in March. He has not reached out to me to apologize or even to see his two year old grandson. His parents who I was also close too have stopped talking to me as well. I lost my father, grandparents and a good friend. This poem speaks volumes to how alone I feel. I am hurting in the deepest sense possible.

    Nichele, United States Submitted 11/18/2013

  • My mom and dad divorced when I was about 5 or 6. He didn't get to see me go to school for the first time and he was never there for me growing up. I'm now 21 going on 22 and to this day I wonder what I did wrong. My mom tells me I didn't do anything but I don't truly believe her.
    My dad came to my graduation but didn't stay for the whole ceremony. Once he called me names for falling into the ocean on vacation,something I had no contol over. He still tries to tell me what to do sometimes.
    Dad you were never really my dad and you've hurt me more than words can say. I've cried myself to sleep at night,wondering if you've ever loved me at all.

    Katy,United States Submitted 2/3/2014

  • When I was around 12 me and my sister and brother found out my dad had cancer and he will not have long left. My mom has already died and there was no one to go to. It was Wednesday 17 April my dad got rushed in to hospital we went to go and see him and then about 10 moment later he died and I was scared and then my brother walked out then we did. Two weeks later I found my sister dead in the front room. Now my brother hurts me and I cry myself to sleep . He hurts me more than names or words I wonder if or will he ever love me like I love him as a brother.

    Shoreham Submitted 2/8/2014

  • I know now how it feels to walk around with a last name that doesn't deserve to be placed as a part of your name, a part of you. My father left 2 weeks ago. I'll be fine. :) hold on.

    La Submitted 3/23/2014

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