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My Little Girl’s Heart

How precious a thing, a sweet little daughter who cherishes her daddy's ring.

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My husband's daughter is having her 24th birthday this week and we found …

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© James Bivens

Published: Feb 2006

Scooby Snacks And Rings

My little girl's heart is innocent and pure
For my tired soul she is quite the cure
She cried for a Scooby snack in the store
They're too expensive I said as before
So I bought her a ring with two hearts bound
I feared she'd lose it and wouldn't be found
I told her to wear it only at home
She asked why daddy in her inquisitive tone
I told her it's expensive and about my fear
She said ok daddy I'll leave it here
She was all excited when mommy arrived
She told with excitement what we'd contrived
In a voice so sweet she went on and on
Telling her mommy what we'd agreed upon
She said she would wear it only at home
'Cuz it was 'spensive' in a serious tone
Mommy asked what does 'spensive' mean
"You know mommy Scooby snacks and rings".


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Chris Seibel, Petoskey, MI
  • Jun 2010

My husband's daughter is having her 24th birthday this week and we found this poem. It fits her perfectly, as they both love Scooby Doo and she is his oldest and first daughter.
thanks for sharing it.


  • by Lisa Asmo-Knowles
  • Mar 2010

My daughter, now is twenty, oh, how the years go bye, I read this poem, and it made me cry... I remember those days- though long ago it seems.... of trying to hold on to "spensive" things.... I've come to realize, after all these years, after lost loves, lost pets, and personal fears... That priceless are all these things. The love we share, and the love it brings.....


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