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Three people who were very close to me and my family suddenly died, I felt like I had to help my family get through this and be positive, so I pretended to be happy and never told anyone how I felt, and now 6 years later I'm still crying most nights because I've never properly dealt with their death, and still nobody knows. This is also my first ever poem and I'm only a kid, so take that into consideration when you read it :)

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Published on June 2011

My Mask

Every morning I wake up and put on a mask,
the mask makes everything seem alright,
But they don't know I cry at night,
The nightmares just won't go away
If only I knew it was your last day
For six years I've felt this pain
The feeling just won't go away,
Everyone thinks I've dealt with your death the best,
but without this mask I'd be a mess.


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