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Once In A Lifetime

Ryan Guerrero lives in Denver Colorado. this poem was written for our Guerrero, Miramontes reunion July 4-5 2008 in Scottsbluff Nebraska

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When our chairperson of the George Family Reunion Committee called for …

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© Ryan Guerrero

Published: Aug 2008


Not enough hours in the day, we often say
we watch as the business of life allows time slip away.

Before we know days turn to months and months into years,
Time is mapped with laughter and cheers,
the long road sometimes landmarked with sadness and tears.

Elders pass and children grow,
has it been that long we ask, where does the time go?

Not every chance to gather is taken.
"We'll see them next time" we say and hope we're not mistaken.

A chance like now comes once in a lifetime it seems,
when the bright light of family is nurtured and beams,
there will be laughter and time to reminisce
we will all be proud this is a chance we did not miss.


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When our chairperson of the George Family Reunion Committee called for reunion poetry for the 2009 Family Reunion Booklet, I went in search of just the right poem to describe my feelings about the occasion.

I came across this poem, and it was the last one posted in the booklet. Little did we know that the words would ring so true in the coming year.

The reunion went well, but so many of our older Cousins were not in attendance. . .the advancing years taking a toll on their health. As the Co-Historian, I especially wanted to visit them and record the stories they had to share about old times in North Harlow, NC. We visited four Cousins the day after the Reunion before returning home from Coastal Carolina across the state to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The following Spring we lost three sisters within one month. . .and over the course of a year, there were many others to leave us. We are so thankful that we took the time to spend with them!


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