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Many of you reading this today have lost someone, or are losing someone. This poem is written by someone who has lost someone very dear to his heart. My poem is written from the perspective of a dead loved one trying to comfort you, I hope this in some way helps.

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I love this story to it reminds me of my cousin he died 4 years ago to a Oxycontin overdose

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Published: Feb 2010

Please Don't Cry

Please don't cry
I'm not really gone
When you look out the window
I'll be standing on the lawn

Please don't cry
I'll see you again
Don't be sad
Keep up your chin

Please don't cry
I'm not really dead
When you cry yourself to sleep
I'll be by your bed

Please don't cry
Just because we had to part
As long as you remember me
I'll live in your heart

Please don't cry
I'm not gone forever
I'll be a cool and gentle breeze
In hot summer weather

Please don't cry
Don't run and hide
When you need a shoulder to lean on
I'll be by your side

Please don't cry
When you're sad and weak
I'll be there
To kiss you on the cheek

Please don't cry
This is just a goodbye
So please, oh please
Baby, do not cry

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  • by Matthew Philadelphia
  • Nov 2013

I love this story to it reminds me of my cousin he died 4 years ago to a Oxycontin overdose


  • by Andrea, Riverside Calif
  • Jul 2013

I lost my son in Oct. 2012 he was murder and thrown in a field like trash. I know he would not want me to be sad or cry but it hurts so bad.


  • by Laura, New Zealand
  • Jun 2013

My Grandad died on my birthday and it hurts so much and when I was reading this poem it made me cry because his death still has an effect on me.


  • by Monae, Cleveland
  • Dec 2011

Awww I love this story. It means a lot. I can relate in so many ways because I just lost two of my brothers to a car accident


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