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Reconnecting With Brother

It had been 12 years that my brother and I didn't speak. Not because we were mad at each other but because we each parted our own way. It took me a lot of searching through the internet to find him. While we were young we lead different lives and we had a lot of arguments. Now its all changed.

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This poem really touched me. I too had a brother that moved away about 27 …

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© Shirley Rodriguez

Published: Dec 2007

Dear Brother

I have searched for many years,
Lived through tunnels of tears,
Reminiscing in what could have been,
The hero I always saw within.

From time to time the thought came back,
Wasn't I your sister? Wasn't I your blood?

We each parted our own way,
Our parents didn't help, needless to say.

A couple of months ago my search finally came to an end,
My long lost brother is now my good friend.

What you mean to me I cannot express,
You're more than someone I call when I am in distress.

Today, as you walked me down the isle,
Giving me away,
I had the biggest smile,
That on one could sway.

This is a fresh start, a new road,
Lets both sit back and watch it unfold.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Karen
  • Aug 2009

This poem really touched me. I too had a brother that moved away about 27 years ago, I had seen him, but then for 13 years there was no communication between us and I didn't know where to find him. I searched and searched and finally found him in 2000. I then still only seen him a few times and this summer he has finally found his way home. It is so awesome to have him back home with me. We were always so close as kids and I have missed him deeply. We are starting out fresh and already getting our closeness back. Thank you


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