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Wondering Where I Would Be Without Mom Poem

Short and sweet. From a child to a Mom. To a Mom who raised seven children and did a terrific job.

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This poem means so much to me because its so true. Mom was my world. It …

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© Casey Q. Thueson

Published: Feb 2006

Thanks Mom

Without you, Mom where would I be?
Through hard times you were there for me.
A heavenly look always in your eyes.
And with your love you strengthened seven children's lives.
You raised me up the best you could.
and taught me all you know about good.
You were strong through all the stress I caused.
You were always willing to put your life on pause.
So I thank you, Mom for always being there for me.
Because without you where would I be?


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  • by Sunny
  • Jun 2013

This poem means so much to me because its so true. Mom was my world. It has been so hard on me. She worked so hard to be a good mom to us. She cared so much about us. She was there when we needed her the most. Thank you mom . I cant believe it has only been 7 months since you have been gone.


  • by Gisele Vincent-Page
  • Dec 2010

This poem could have been written by my daughter. Now that she is an adult, she never misses an opportunity to thank me for the lessons and the good life she's had, being raised by a single parent with 2 brothers as well. It's gratifying, after all these years to receive a thank you. This poem also speaks to all hard-working mothers who made the difficult decisions and provided the best they could for the people they loved best.


  • by Lois Witherspoon
  • Dec 2010

I enjoy lovely poems about moms because I don't recall mine. She died when I was just six weeks old. I really didn't feel cheated because my grandmother that raised me was MY MOM. I feel all the same feelings for her that I read in this lovely poem.
Thank You.


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