Sister Poem

I fight with my sisters, but I always love them. I have two sisters, and the younger one annoys me so much, but I love her still.

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The Meaning Of Sisters

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Published on April 2011

Sisters are a gift from God.
Sisters are your friends.
Sisters stay right by your side
When the road twists and bends.

Sisters never let you down.
They always lend a hand.
Sisters are the best example
Of leaving footprints in the sand.

Sisters love girls' nights out
And painting each other's nails.
They love giving you advice
When everything you've tried fails.

Sisters always love each other.
Their love never goes away.
Instead God make it grow
Stronger every day.

Sisters may have fights sometimes,
But they always stay together.
No matter where your sister goes,
She'll be in your heart forever.


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