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The one who knows the blessings and support of a family lacks nothing.

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Well I really like your poem because it kind of relate to me and my family …

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© Anna C. Butler

Published: Feb 2006

To My Family With Love

The love of this family can show the work of God
To prevail over our weakest of moments
To lend a hand or mend a broken heart.

To cry or laugh with one another shall always be
Embraced with open arms and a smiling face.

Times they are tough, but alone you will never be
To have the love of this family
It's as easy as One, Two, Three.

The joy of a birth, to watch a little life grow
Are memories to cherish that we will never let go

The pain of a death, the emptiness felt inside,
The family is all here, no need to hide

Over the years our surroundings have changed
Now God has blessed us with a little James.

May our daughters grow into little women
They better all remember my sweet baby lemon.

To be so lucky to have a family like this
When we all get to Heaven, God deserves a big kiss.

In our souls, minds, and hearts
May this family never be torn apart

The love of this family has shown me the work of God
To realize this gift for the world to see, how much my family cares for me

May our love grow and carry on even long after we are all gone

Thank you to my family for the love that you all show
Every good deed God will surely know.


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  • by Diamond, Aurora
  • Nov 2009

Well I really like your poem because it kind of relate to me and my family when we have problems but know we will work all are problems out with the people in it... so thanks for writing this poem ...


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