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As she waits for her baby to be born, she thinks of the blessings that she will bestow upon him.

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The elementary school that I work at has adopted what is called a Sparrow …

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© Rhonda O. Jones

Published: Feb 2006

To My Unborn Child

To my unborn child,
what I wish to give you in times to come,
happiness, and wisdom,
a life filled with fun,
to explore all adventures of your curious mind,
to become knowledgeable of what you'll find,
as I await your arrival and the presence of newborn cries,
I picture how you'll look when I open up my eyes.
I feel your movements every time I wake each day,
letting mommy know that you're okay,
obstacles I hope you'll overcome,
education I know you'll get done,
I stay up late reading to you,
talking to my stomach,
a feeling I never knew,
hungry all the time
'No doubt you're a son of mine',
You make me feel happy even when I'm sad,
because the formation of another life makes me glad.
Proud of you I am,
I already know how you'll be,
a smart 'lil' man for mommy to see,
no worries from me a mom to be,
to a special baby boy I can't wait to see.


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The elementary school that I work at has adopted what is called a Sparrow Child (a child or family in need of assistance). The baby we adopted is named Davis. He has not been born yet, but already has been through so much in his mommy's tummy. He has what is called gastroschisis: organs on the outside of his body. Our class has retold in a photo story the poem, "My Unborn Child" and would like to share the video with its author, Rhonda O. Jones.
Please contact me.
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