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This poem was written from the heart while commuting to NY by train. It took a few days, and each day some fellow commuters would look at me with a concerned face because the tears would come each time I wrote a new line. I don't know what they were thinking, but they must have thought I was very unhappy. Little did they know I was happy and anxious at the same time... Eventually, I really did get a beautiful little granddaughter!

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© Andrew

July 2011

Today's My Daughter's Wedding Day

Today's my daughter's wedding day.
And a wonderful thing it is;
To see her so excited,
So happy to be his.

But once she was my baby girl;
My first born, love of my life.
But now she is a woman,
And just became his wife.

Once she was my baby girl,
Loved her daddy, and her toys;
But then, I couldn't stop it,
She grew up, and loved the boys.

Today's my daughter's wedding day.
How fast the time did go;
From little feet, and Sesame Street,
To a wedding gown it flowed.

From golden locks, and lollipops,
She grew up straight and tall.
From baby things, to a wedding ring;
How I loved her through it all.

And now she will go forward,
To enter married life.
To share the good and bad times,
The happiness, and the strife.

I wish them both, the best of luck;
With a prayer that my eyes will see;
That God will Bless them with a baby girl,
Just like he gave to me...


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