Mother Child Poem

Unbreakable Bond of Mother and Child Poem

The bond between mother and child can never be broken.

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When my grand daughter GRACE was born, the first thing I thought of was. …

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© Jennifer R. Courcy

Published: Feb 2006


The tears, the years, the hurt, the fears,
The lies, the ties, the days, and goodbyes
And then the light shines through,
It's you.
All the fears I hold inside and
All the tears that leave my eyes,
Evaporate because of you.
You hold the nature of pure and true.
When I need strength, I picture you,
And all the times that you've been through,
You are my sanity, inspiration, and song,
But you're more than that, you are my mom.
They say that child and mother are bonded from birth,
But you were the first one I loved when I saw this Earth,
Your heart breeds love, and your spirit seeps strength,
Because I will love you past eternity's length.
After all I've said, I don't think you understand,
That I will always be there to hold your hand!


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  • by Linda
  • May 2012

When my grand daughter GRACE was born, the first thing I thought of was. "My Special Angel" It's been our song for 5 years. Now I find this poem. I will keep it and share with her when she's older


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