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Visiting my Grandma at her Grave x-mas eve was extremely hard but she was 101 yrs. old and passed away 11/2007. I thank god she was there for my first 36 years of life.

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I lost my gran about 8 months ago after her battle with cancer her death …

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Published: Sep 2008


My first visit to your grave was on x-mas eve,
where I placed a x-mas tree for all to see.

A sense of closure is what I was after,
so once again in my life I could enjoy some laughter.

I remember Grandma you were always so sad that no one placed anything on Grandpa's grave,
so a decorated tree to both of you is what I gave.

I plan to be there to visit you and Grandpa on every important day,
my word I promise I will not betray.

Flowers I will always bring with words of sentiment,
I hope my actions/words of love are evident.

Remember when our visits are over as I turn to leave,
I will always return-what I promise you can always believe.


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  • by Lynsay,Scotland
  • Aug 2010

I lost my gran about 8 months ago after her battle with cancer her death came very soon after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This poem has really touched me as I was really close to her. I understand how hard it is dealing with the loss of your grandparents and I am very sorry to hear about your loss.


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