Baby Poem

This is a poem that I wrote as a gift for my sister Emy and her husband Jerry's soon to be born Baby boy. The intention for the poem is two fold: first is to help the soon to be parents express how valuable their baby is to them, and second is to remind them of the concept that children are their parents greatest adventure. We need to explore, enjoy, and play with them if we want to make the most out of it. And whether or not this adventure turns good or bad depends entirely up to us.

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What A Miracle You Are

© Jundy Raga

Published on October 2012

What a miracle you are that comes to our life,
A bundle of joy to relieve worries and strife
A breath of heaven's blessing knocking on the door,
A whole new meaning of love to explore...

What a miracle you are, oh tiny heartbeats that sleep,
For even in the womb, our hearts you've learned to keep
And the breeze of bond that sways with you promises of joy
Of caring for a little angel and a lifetime to enjoy...

What a miracle you are, though you are not yet here,
The light that you shine, wipes our every fear
The bliss that comes with you fills our mind day by day,
With glorious wonders of thoughts of endless time to play...

Indeed you are a miracle, a spark of God's endearing love
An answer to a prayer that long we've sent above
And as we wait to see your face, we dream of better future,
For it is you, our dear God's grace, who are our greatest adventure.



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