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A mother who must be separated from her girls lets them know just how must she misses them.

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I feel like I could've wrote this myself.. I had some trouble a few years …

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© Amy J. Rhodes

Published: Feb 2006

What You Mean To Me

What you mean to me:
You are the sun in the sky,
You are the light shining by,
You are the breeze in my hair,
You're the life I want to share.

You are what makes my days go by,
You are the ones I'll tell no lies
You are the ones who make me smile,
I'll stay by you a long while.

Your smiles light up my day,
They make the darkness go away,
You're the reason I am alive,
One day you'll be someone's wives

You are very special girls,
You are apart of this special world,
I know I can't hold you right now,
Thinking of you makes me smile.

You will be in my arms soon,
When you miss me look at the moon,
Because when I miss you I'll do the same,
And you won't feel any pain.

Because we know we will be together again,
To laugh, run a smile again,
I want you not to fear,
I'll whip away ever tear.

Just remember deep in your hearts,
I'm not the reason we had to part,
And that I love you more than life,
You are the angels of my life.

One more thing before mommy goes,
Always remember sweet girls,
I love you and need you so...

Love always your Mom Amy


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  • by Elizabeth,Maine
  • Apr 2012

I feel like I could've wrote this myself.. I had some trouble a few years ago and my ex-sister in law offered to take over until I got on my feet. Long story short she betrayed me..and now she's trying to steal my daughter away...I had to relocate a year ago A little over 2 hours away for my fiance (and father of our new son) because his job was transferred. So now I don't get to see my daughter as much..because of money/car problems I haven't been able to drive down to see her for 3 months..It's killing me inside. I want her back yet my ex sis in law keeps fighting me..my daughter is hurting I see it in her face..the saddest thing is on the phone she tries not to let me hear her pain. :( what gets me through the day is knowing we will be re-united soon...but I can never get those memories I missed the time I have lost back....


  • by Reyna, Florida
  • Feb 2010

I too, am actually still considered a child (13) and if I may tell you from a child's point of view... that I don't know what your story is, and I probably never will, but that for some reason I really feel connected to your poem. I also really hope you get you daughters back! I don't know you but my deepest love and good wishes goes out to you and your daughters... =)


  • by karen
  • Sep 2009

This poem tells a story that I can relate to so well. I think I've said some of these things to my own daughters several times. I have four beautiful girls who are in foster care right now. I am a dedicated mother who has never been without my girls, yet I am battling a drug addiction that has put us in this position. I am aggressively attacking my addictions and fighting to get them back. Pray for us please. Thank you for letting me share my our pain.


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