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Poem About Things Mom Taught a Child

Thanks to mom, I want you to know that I love you and appreciate everything you do, even though sometimes it seems like I don't.

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I love it because it is enchanting to me and at the end wow ! it was so wonderful.

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© Stacie M. Cram

Published on February 2006

You've Helped Me

You have been around for many years
You helped me laugh, you have dried my tears.
You gave me life and helped me see
How I can grow up and what I can be.
You're a special person, and I know you care,
But sometimes it seems like you're just not there.
You have been through rough times
And you stuck them through.
That is one of the most important things I learned from you.
You give me things I need
You push me through life with the attitude to succeed.
I know it doesn't seem I appreciate much that you do,
But I want you to know I do
Because I really truly do look up to you.
We have our differences
We have our fights
But when they're over I look forward to them kisses goodnight.
Not for the fact that I am leaving and going to bed
But for the kisses and the I love you's that are said.
Well mom this is dedicated to you
So now I am stopping this with an


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  • by darlene
  • 6 years ago

I love it because it is enchanting to me and at the end wow ! it was so wonderful.


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