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Your birthday is a really exciting time. Every new candle on each year's birthday cake represents a progression through these teenage years on the path from childhood to adulthood. It is a time of transition and growth in a young person's life. Every year comes with new responsibilities and opportunities. Sharing this exciting time with friends and family is the best way to celebrate this awesome period of change. Marking these important years of growth and the movement towards your future is a special part of this experience. Blow out your candles, make a wish and celebrate!

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Poem To Sister on Her 21st Birthday
  • By Ben Gill
Happy Birthday Sarah

The 14th is a special day
And just like this day,
You are special in your own way.
You being fabulous is not a lie
So Sarah, this is why,
You are great
You're my best mate
You're caring and fun
And my love for you
It weighs a ton!
This birthday is a special day
Because drinking and partying is now your way.
This birthday is your time,
So get out the beer and wine.
There are many opportunities waiting for you,
So don't worry if you miss a few.
So as your brother I can say,
Good luck and Happy Birthday!!


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