Mother Poem

A Child Writes About His Mother's Love For Him

A child remembers all that his mother has done for him and apologizes for his past misdeeds.

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© Joshua flowers

Published on November 2007


Mom, you were always there when I was sick

Mom, you were always there when my candle had no wick

I remember when I could just fit in your palm

Mom, I remember when you were by my side when I needed to be calm

Mom, your love for your children could never be replaced no matter what giant we have to face

I know we may not always agree and that's why we always fight

So that's why I stand here today saying I wish I may, I wish I might go home and cause no more fights at any time of the night

Mom, if God were to take you right now, I would be so so down with a BIG frown

So I want to take this time to let you know no matter what I do I will always love you,



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