Aunt Death Poem

This is about my auntie who died when I was 13, and I wrote it when I was 13 too. Death's a hard thing for everyone, especially when you're young.

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My aunt was buried yesterday. She was ailing for sometime. Her leg was …

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Published: May 2012

Poem About The Death Of A Loved One

I know that you're dead and you're gone for good
It's hard to accept, but now I've understood
Nothing lasts forever, even if it's good or it's bad
Now you're up in heaven; it makes me feel glad
That finally your pain and sadness has ended
Just like the way God had intended
At this time you're standing at those big golden gates
Up in heaven your new life awaits
I know you're looking down on us wanting us to be strong
And I know you have been all along
We all miss you and that's definitely true
When we think of all the times we had with you
For now you've gone up high in the sky
Because this is your time to say goodbye
Dedicated to my Auntie Pat 05/05/12


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  • by Sandra
  • Jul 2012

My aunt was buried yesterday. She was ailing for sometime. Her leg was amputated because of diabetic. She got gangrene. The doctor's try they ever best for her. I know she is in a better place now. Where there is no more pain and suffering. God and the Angels are with her now.
we will always miss you
Auntie Leela [Toots[.
From your brother's nieces and nephews, sons and daughter in law's. And the Nath family.


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