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Always There For Me Poem

A well rhyming poem from a daughter to a mother.

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That poem reminded me of my mommy and I. My mommy was diagnosed with …

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© Brandi L. Harris

Published: Feb 2006


You have always been there for me
Teaching me about life's ways
Around you
There is never a dull day

You have shown me love
What it is really all about
Stuck by my side
Never allowing me to go without

You have always had time to listen
And even gave me advice
Times spent with you
Are the best ones in life

So as we travel down this path together
And try to help one another
Each day I'll thank God
For sending me such a wonderful mother


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  • by Becky
  • Nov 2009

That poem reminded me of my mommy and I. My mommy was diagnosed with diabetes type one, and also M.S. and even though I know she tries her hardest and fails, I still love her, but sometimes I miss the old mommy. I pray everyday and thank God for blessing my life with someone like her, so full of energy, life, and love. I pray for mercy on her and that in time she is healed. I love my mommy with all my heart and I have no idea where I would be without her.


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