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Dear Mom From Daughter Poem

A daughter explains some things to her mother

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This poem was reminiscent of my current relationship with my oldest …

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© Theresa R. Barnes

Published: Feb 2006

Dear Mother

I can never explain the ways I've felt
Growing up without you, playing the cards I was dealt.
There were always many things I wanted to say
My dreams and new thoughts that came each day
I wish I could take back some of the skeptical things I've said
To be more respectful, listen, be positive instead.
At times I felt you were never listening to what I would say,
So I'd get angry and react in the wrong way.
I understand that it took some time for me to change my ways,
I prayed for this each night and even some days.
Although you'd never see the true feelings I'd hide
I love you very much, deep down inside.
Always my mother, and never my friend, so you could not see,
The angry little girl that lay within me
Notice how I've changed each and every day
I've grown to follow your footsteps, but in a different way.
Although I'm quite unsure of where the road might lead,
If you stay by my side I promise to take heed
I am your child and I love you dearly
Thanks for all you've done mom truly and sincerely
To me you're very special like no other,
Loving, caring, and concerned, my dear mother.


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  • by Sharon
  • 4/2/2014

This poem was reminiscent of my current relationship with my oldest daughter. We are detached at present and the communication is certainly off kilter. Perhaps if she read this poem she would reassess her thoughts and opinions of me. I am at the brink and have reached a breaking point to where I can no longer enable her to grow up. She is 30 years old with two children and needs to take responsibility for her decisions and the consequences she's brought to herself resulting in chaos. She has everyone else to blame, every excuse or reason why it's others and not herself. I pray for her daily and hope she gets it together and am the person I know she can be. I will never stop loving her no matter what but as of late I have had to make some hard decisions to allow her to make her mistakes and continue to hope for the best yet prepare for the worst. How can a mother do that, I have no idea.


  • by Nicole
  • 2/25/2014

I am currently listening to my roommate yell and disrespect her mom over the phone. She does this a lot so I'm looking for a poem to post on Facebook for her to see and I found this one. This poem explains almost everything I went through and still go through with my mom but I love her and I am sitting on my bed crying my eyes out because I just don't understand why someone could talk to their mom the way my roommate does. I pray that the lord helps her see her mistakes before it's too late and her mother is take away form her.


  • by Makaila
  • Dec 2010

I love this poem!!(: it is just like me and my mom I am 13 and she is 36 she acts just like my bestfriend I can tell her everything!!(:


  • by Kayla
  • May 2009

wow! this is exactly me and my mom! but she always acts like my best friend than my mother. she still as no idea the pain she has put me through and I'm almost 20.


  • by Rose
  • Oct 2008

This is a very good poem. I felt the same exact way with my mom a lot of the time. When she passed away it was one of the hardest things that I had ever had to go through. And all of the times that I had pulled away from her came back to me the morning that she passed. This poem really hit home in a lot of ways.


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