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I gave birth to my first child on January 8, 2013 and fell in love with him the first ultrasound. I haven't written poetry in a while, but he brings out so much emotion in me that now I have a reason to do so much more in life that I have ever done before. I love my Baby Boy Ayden J.

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© Michelle R.

April 22, 2013

Beautiful Sleeping Baby Boy

It was very late, about 2 in the morning
You woke up crying for mommy
I rocked you back to bed
You fell asleep on my chest
As I listened to you breathe
And the sound of your heartbeat
I thought about
The day we met and how I just couldn't believe
What a perfect little angel God was letting me keep
The moment I heard your first little cry
My heart and body let out a sigh
I was so relieved you were here and healthy
Everyone there rejoiced in your presence
Because a little angel was just sent to earth from heaven
As days passed on and mommy grew tired
Something more beautiful happened
You continued to light my heart on fire
My love and heart belonged to you
And each and every day our bond grew
Now every time I see your adorable smile
The thought of leaving your side hurts even for a short while
My dearest baby boy
The light of my soul
I know one day you'll move on as we grow old
But these days when you fit so small in my arms
I will cherish for eternity and beyond
Just remember when you are all big and grown
That mommy will never forget
The sleepless nights when I held you close and watched you sleep
Because these are the most perfect moments I will forever keep


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