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This poem talks of the bond of brother.

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My little brother is dying of a rare form of cancer, I love him so much …

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© Alex Romero

Published: Feb 2006

Brothers Are Forever

Brothers share a special bond,
Like blood, brotherhood,
It's thicker than water.
Friends may come and go,
And relationships may drift apart,
But brothers are forever.
Though the sun may rise in the east,
And set in the west,
We will still be brothers.
Though the seasons may change,
Spring, summer, fall and winter;
We will still be brothers.
What God has ordained,
No man can change,
Brothers are forever.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Peter Metcalfe
  • Jan 2010

My little brother is dying of a rare form of cancer, I love him so much its so hard to watch him suffer so. I found the poem and the story left by Rebecca so very and deeply moving.
He will always be my brother even when his gone, you're right brothers are for ever.


  • by Rebecca, Windhoek
  • Dec 2009

I am a 22 year old young lady, I lost both my parents when I was still a very young girl of 11 years, it has not been easy to be the only big sister to my now 19 year old brother. He is the world to me and my only weakness in this world. I can't imagine life without him, even though we live thousand miles away from each other we still keep in touch almost everyday. He knows he can count on me with anything, he's currently in school and I'm struggling to make life easy for him, I'm not working but I find ways to provide for his needs, this poem pulled out exactly what I would have said to my brother, it is a good work you have done here with it, I appreciate it so much to know that am not the only person with such thoughts. at times I felt it wasn't normal but this poem has given me more courage than ever. I"m gonna call my brother right now and tell him how much I love him. thank you


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